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Jamie Caldwell is a child who had a mass two years after a cholecystectomy.


Jamie came to the hospital with her mother because she had back pain and a lump on her back. Meredith remembered that she'd removed Jamie's gallbladder two years prior. Jamie was worried about having a lump on her back for a friend's upcoming Bat Mitzvah, because she had a crush on a boy who was attending. After examining her, Meredith ordered a CT, which showed the mass. Meredith, recalling the previous surgery, suspected that a gallstone had gotten loose and her body had attacked it as a foreign body and tried to push it out. They did a biopsy, which showed no malignancy, so Meredith removed the mass and opened it, confirming what she suspected about the gallstone. Jamie and her mother were told she'd be okay, but Jamie was upset because the boy she likes hadn't text her back. Cormac told Jamie that thirteen year old boys are scared of girls, especially ones they like, which put her mind at ease.



She has a crush on a boy named Zachary Schultz and wanted to dance with him at Tessa's Bat Mitzvah.


She has a friend named Tessa, who is preparing for her Bat Mitzvah.

Notes and Trivia[]

  • She was 13 years old at the time of her second surgery.


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