Jana Watkins is a pregnant woman who was in the train crash.


Getting PregnantEdit

Jana and her friend, Brooke, whom she'd known since third grade, decided they wanted to be parents, but they didn't have romantic partners, so they decided to find a sperm donor, get pregnant, and they'd raise their children together.

Train CrashEdit

When they were nine months pregnant, Jana and Brooke were in a train crash. Jana had only a laceration that needed stitches, but Brooke was seriously burned. When they both went into labor, Brooke insisted on signing paperwork ensuring that their son would go to Jana if she died before she would go in for her c-section. While she was in surgery, Jana labored and delivered her baby.



She and Brooke have a son and a daughter together.


She and Brooke have been best friends since third grade. When they decided they wanted children, they got a sperm donor and decided to raise their babies together. She gave birth to their daughter while Brooke gave birth to their son.


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