Jasmine Singh is the daughter of Gretchen McKay and Omar Singh.


Jasmine was in a car accident with her parents. While both parents were in critical condition, Jasmine and her two brothers, Trevor and Spencer, had only minor injuries. When their mother died, Bailey came to tell the kids they'd be spending the night at the hospital because their father was still in critical condition. Jasmine asked to talk to Bailey in the hallway, where she figured out that their mom had died. She then asked Bailey for money to play Tooth Fairy for her brother, who had just lost a tooth. ("There's a Fine, Fine Line")

Bailey told Jasmine that her grandma would be coming to the hospital. Omar still had a long recovery ahead, but it was looking good because he was waking up. She took Jasmine to see him, but when they got to his room, he was seizing. Jasmine's grandma, Mira, arrived at the hospital shortly after and was told she could sign papers to make him DNR or to continue resuscitation attempts. Jasmine said he wouldn't want to live in a bed, so Mira signed the DNR papers. Bailey ignored the DNR when Omar didn't have more seizure activity and after resuscitation, Omar started to improve and eventually woke up asking about his wife and baby. ("It's Alright, Ma (I'm Only Bleeding)")



Her whole family was in a car accident. Her mother and baby brother died as the result of the accident, which also left her father in critical condition. She and her other brothers had only minor injuries. ("There's a Fine, Fine Line")

Her father survived his injuries and began to recover. ("It's Alright, Ma (I'm Only Bleeding)")




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