Jaylen Donovan was a patient at Seattle Grace Mercy West Hospital who received a kidney transplant after three years of dialysis to treat kidney failure.


After three years of dialysis to treat her kidney failure, a kidney became available for Jaylen. When Alex went with Jaylen's parents to tell her about the kidney, they found her kissing her boyfriend, Theo.

While Alex was reviewing the post-transplant meds she'd need to take afterward, she became upset upon hearing some of the potential side effects and locked herself in a bathroom. Alex went down to the dialysis area and took Theo's phone in order to text Jaylen. She came out to say she knew it was Alex texting, but she agreed to speak with him only if he'd come into the bathroom with her. She tried to get him to put off the transplant as she wasn't ready, but he talked her into accepting the transplant, saying she needs to take the good things when they're in front of her. She agreed and the transplant went on as scheduled.



Jaylen was seeing Thelonious, whom she met at dialysis. They had been getting dialysis together for about a year when a kidney became available for Jaylen.


Jaylen's parents did not like that she was seeing another dialysis patient. When she locked herself in the bathroom to avoid her kidney transplant, they were upset about it.

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • She was 16 at the time of her kidney transplant.
  • Her parents once took her phone away and she didn't speak to them for 7 days.
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