Jed Lunberg is a maintenance worker at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital.


Wind StormEdit

During the wind storm, because the orderlies were stretched thin, the maintenance workers, including Jed, stepped in to help. While helping move a patient, Jed commented that since everyone was stretched thin, they should be closed to trauma. ("Blowin' in the Wind")

Elevator AccidentEdit

After the power went out, Richard told him to get the power back on. He said the generators would do that, but it would take a while. Just then, the power came back on as he predicted. Richard complained to him later because of the elevators. While helping others get out of the elevator, it turned back on and crushed his legs. He was then rescued with difficulty and taken to surgery, where Link used rods to avoid amputation. After surgery, he was stable and had nerve response in his feet, which was hopeful. ("Shelter from the Storm")



He is dating Nurse Caroline. Their relationship was set up by Cece Colvin.


He visited Cece Colvin's hospital room to fix her television. He wasn't in there very long, but she was able to match him with a nurse and they'd been dating ever since.


He is a maintenance worker at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital.



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