Jeffrey Hernandez is the father of Harley Hernandez.


When Jeffrey's son, Harley, was injured street luging, he came to the hospital with him. He yelled at his son as they were taking him in, saying he was an idiot. Alex Karev pulled him back and shoved him into a wall. He was then directed into the hospital where his son had been taken.

Jeffrey waited at the hospital while Harley was in surgery. Once Harley was out of surgery, Jeffrey went across the street to the bar to have a drink. Bailey saw him there and spoke to him about his guilt over how Harley got injured.



He is divorced.


Jeffrey has one son, Harley. He sees him every other weekend and since the divorce. He says he wasn't being the parent Harley needed, allowing him to do things he wouldn't have before, like street luge.


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