Jeremy is the best friend of Veronica Kays.


Veronica's DiagnosisEdit

Jeremy came to the clinic when his best friend, Veronica, was there waiting for tests after Alex noticed a rash on her hands at the courthouse. They soon learned that Veronica, who was pregnant with Jeremy's child, had advanced pancreatic cancer. The doctors recommended that Veronica terminate the pregnancy so she could start treatment immediately. The treatment would only give her about another year, but without it, she wouldn't live long enough to deliver a healthy baby.

Bailey, with pressure from Veronica, who wanted their baby to be able to grow up with Jeremy, whom she said would be a great dad, agreed to do a Whipple to remove the bulk of the tumor, with the hopes it would give her enough time to deliver a healthy baby before dying.

While Veronica was in surgery, Jeremy confessed to Alex that he didn't know what to do. Alex advised him to show up, that that was all he could do and the best thing he could do. ("Roar")

Baby's Birth and Veronica's DeathEdit

When she was 34 weeks and 3 days pregnant, Veronica came back to the hospital with back pain, which she'd had for a week. An MRI showed that the cancer had spread to her spine and she needed to have a c-section that day. Before her surgery, she signed a DNR. Arizona easily delivered her baby, but she developed a clot that went to her lung and she struggled to breathe after the delivery. They said she could rescind her DNR, but she said she was tired and so they just stayed with her while she died. After she was gone, Alex told Jeremy about her death and he cried. ("Don't Stop Me Now")



He and Veronica have a son together.


He and Veronica met as children and became friends. Their friendship remained into adulthood, when they made a pact to have a baby together at age 40 if they were still single then. When the time came, the learned it would be expensive. However, a drunken night led to them conceiving a child together. Veronica thinks he'd be an amazing father. ("Roar")

As she was dying, she admitted that she loved Jeremy and had never told him that. She asked Amelia to tell him not to look back and to be brave for their son. ("Don't Stop Me Now")



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