Jeremy Bennett is an emergency medicine resident working at Seattle Grace Hospital's ER.


Mr. HubbleEdit

Jeremy worked on the case of R. Hubble. He had a bowel obstruction and wouldn't tell them what he swallowed, so Jeremy handed him over to surgery believing it was drugs. ("Enough is Enough")

Pete WilloughbyEdit

When Pete Willoughby came into the ER, Jeremy treated him in the ER and then handed him off to surgery, advising them that they were being watched by the other police officers. ("Bring the Pain")

Claire SolomonEdit

Jeremy called for a surgical consult for Claire Solomon, who had a rash that was spreading very quickly. The rash ultimately turned out to be necrotizing fasciitis. ("Break on Through")

Denny Duquette, Jr.Edit

When Denny came into the ER in heart failure, Jeremy started to examine him until he was informed that Denny was a surgical patient awaiting a heart transplant. ("What Have I Done to Deserve This?")

Restaurant ShootingEdit

When Deborah Fleiss and Neal Hannigan came in after being injured in the restaurant shooting, Jeremy tended to them prior to handing them off to surgery. ("17 Seconds")

When Petey, the shooter, was brought into the ER to be treated, Jeremy worked on him with Cristina Yang. He was shocked that she was running the trauma. ("Deterioration of the Fight or Flight Response")


When Omar and Giselle Toussant came into the ER after being in a car accident, Jeremy examined Giselle, who had a head injury. ("Time Has Come Today")

Bribing CristinaEdit

Jeremy tried to bribe Cristina in order to be allowed to scrub in on one of Burke's surgeries. According to him, Burke always lets him scrub in. ("Let the Angels Commit")

Camille TravisEdit

When Camille came into the ER unable to breathe, Jeremy tried to intubate and couldn't get an airway. ("The Heart of the Matter")


Dr. Jeremy Bennett is an emergency medicine resident physician at Seattle Grace Hospital's Emergency Department.

Nearly all of his trauma cases required a surgical consultation allowing Dr. Bennett to interact with various surgical interns and residents. He usually assesses the patient and stabilizes their condition prior to involving the surgical staff.

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • Dr. Jeremy Bennett is credited as "ER Resident" or "ER Doctor" in episodes he appeared since his name was not referred to in dialogue, however, his lab coat does show his surname as Bennett.
  • Dr. Bennett's ID badge shows his department as Trauma.
  • Jeremy Rabb's actor website confirms his character had an "aka" of Jeremy.




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