You change my life, Jeremy West. You made it better, you made it brighter, full of joy.
Beth Monroe to Jeremy West

Jeremy West was a patient at Seattle Grace Hospital who participated in Derek and Meredith's clinical trial.


Jeremy had an inoperable glioma which had been unsuccessfully treated with chemotherapy and radiation. He joined Derek and Meredith's clinical trial in the hopes that it would help. He also told Beth Monroe about the trial and got her to join it.

Because the IRB threatened to shut down the trial if they lost another patient, Jeremy's surgery was moved up so he and Beth could both go before midnight. He died in his surgery, which devastated her.



Jeremy met Beth Monroe when they were both being treated at Mayo Clinic. They were also members of the same support group. They started a romantic relationship. When Beth found out that Jeremy was in the hospital at the same time she was, she got excited. Beth didn't want to die not knowing what it feels like to love someone, so Derek and Meredith guarded the door while they had sex. When Jeremy died in surgery, Beth was devastated.


He and Beth knew a woman from their support group, Carrie, who had died.


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