Jerry Frost was a patient at Seattle Grace Hospital.


Jerry had a three-lumbar fusion in his back that caused chronic pain. The pain had led to him becoming a drug addict. He came into the hospital in severe pain. Alex immediately recognized the signs of a drug addict, but Derek told him that he needed to give Jerry pain medication and then refer him to a rehab facility and discharge him. He was given the medication and started to feel better. Derek came to see him and said they were happy to help, noting that several other hospitals in the area had also helped him with his pain. He said he could be discharged and recommended that he get some help.

When the doctors tried to discharge him, he struggled and the struggle caused him to fall and hit his head, causing a brain bleed. They took him into surgery and repaired the bleed before referring him to rehab.

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • He's allergic to aspirin and most NSAIDs.
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