Jerry Hoffman was a patient who was injured when he and his son, Nicky fell into a sinkhole.



While walking down the street talking to his son about why people don't have gills, Jerry suddenly felt his son slipping away. A sinkhole had opened up in the street.

Alex, who was looking for a ride back to the hospital, noticed the Silly Bandz wrapped around Jerry's fingers and began looking for a kid. He successfully located and stabilized Jerry's son, Nicky.

Jerry was taken to the ER, where his face was stitched up and his humerus fracture was splintered. He also had a subarachnoid bleed, but they determined that it would go away on its own, so he was monitored. ("Free Falling")

After Nicky's surgery was completed, Jerry was told that his son was stable. When he asked to see him, he was told that Nicky was in recovery. However, when Derek unexpected left the room, Arizona took him to see his son. ("She's Gone")



Jerry has a son, Nicky. They were walking down the street together when they were both pulled into the sinkhole.




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