Jesse Fannon is a patient who came in after his OCD caused a car accident.


Jesse came into the ER after a car accident in which he hit his head on the windshield. He had caused the accident because he'd been compulsively counting the blinking turn signal and he couldn't go until it reached 333. When he arrived at the ER, he wouldn't let them take him inside until the ambulance siren had blipped 33 times.

In the ER, they called for a psych consult. He told them he'd had the compulsions a little bit all his life, but it had gotten out of control in the last three years.

A CT revealed a brain bleed from hitting the windshield, so he needed surgery. He unfortunately died during that surgery.



He said his OCD had ruined his marriage.


His mother also had OCD and killed herself when she was 38.

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • The paramedics say he's 32, but Cristina later says he's 34.
  • He was unemployed because of his OCD.
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