Jessica Tanner is a patient who came in after being swiped by a train in an attempted suicide.


Jessica was dating another girl, Aliyah Hamed. The two of them passed elaborately folded notes to each other, which Jessica kept to re-read when she was having bad days. When her mother found the notes, she burned them in the fireplace and then planned to send Jessica to a gay conversion camp. Tipped off by her father, Jessica and her girlfriend planned to commit suicide by train. They attempted it, but both survived the impact. They were taken to the hospital, where their injuries were assessed in the ER. She had a hemothorax, so they put in a chest tube, and her left leg was broken in two places. She also needed an exploratory laparotomy to assess her internal injuries.

Before she went into surgery, Callie noticed that she had a heart drawn on her arm that matched the other girl's, so she asked Jessica to identify her. Callie then figured out that it hadn't been an accident and the two girls had been attempting suicide. Callie confessed that she is bisexual and then asked Jessica if she likes girls, if she likes Aliyah. Jessica said that she loves her.

Jessica was then taken into surgery. After her surgery, she was taken for post-op x-rays and while she was gone, her father stood up to her mother and said that they wouldn't be sending Jessica to the camp. He said he doesn't care if she's gay. He only cares if she's happy and taken care of. Jessica got back to her room just in time to hear him say that and she smiled.



She is dating Aliyah Hamed. When her mother found out about their relationship, she burned the letters they'd exchanged and planned to send Jessica away to a gay conversion camp, which led to Jessica attempting suicide.


Jessica's mother planned to send her daughter away to a gay conversion camp after finding out she was dating another girl. Her father didn't want to send her, but didn't stand up to his wife until Jessica almost died after attempting suicide.

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • She was 15 at the time of her hospitalization.
  • According to her father, she has the best smile.


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