Jimmy is a man who was rescued from his car after a carport collapsed on it.


Jimmy had been sent out to get supplies for his mother to make pies. Instead, he sat in the driveway for two hours when the carport collapsed on his car due to the wind storm. His wife, Mary, finally spotted him and called for help. Station 19 arrived on foot after trees blocked their way and worked to free Jimmy. Mary was irritated at him for running away instead of helping her deal with his mother, Ruth, whom she felt was undermining her parenting. This was affirmed when they heard her over the radio responding immediately when they cried, instead of letting them cry it out. Mary went back inside for her safety while they continued to try to free Jimmy.

However, a spark started a fire in their house. When the team noticed, they jumped into action to rescue the family and put the fire out. Maya had to run back to the truck to get supplies. She sent Ben and Travis in to get Ruth, Mary, and the babies out while Dean and finished getting Jimmy out. Travis and Ben found Mary trying to go upstairs after the babies, so Travis pulled her out while Ben went upstairs to get the babies. He found Ruth in their nursery holding both of them to her chest. He took the babies from her and told her to follow right behind him. Once the babies were out, Mary and Travis took them to check them over and Ben realized that Ruth hadn't followed him out. Even though Travis warned him to wait for oxygen, Ben took a deep breath and ran back into the house after Ruth. He got to the room, but before he could get her out, the doorway became blocked with flames, trapping them inside. He radioed out with his situation and then waited with Ruth for help.

When Maya returned, she and Vic came inside and carried Ruth out with them right after Ben. Then they were able to focus on putting the house fire out. When Ruth was brought over, Jimmy was concerned about her, but Mary pushed him back, saying she needed air and not to aggravate her.



He is married to Mary.


He and his wife have two babies. His mother tried to help with them after they were born, to Mary's frustration. However, after Ruth saved the babies during a house fire, Mary became protective of her.

Notes and Trivia=Edit

  • He and his family live at 2124 Silkwood Lane.
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