Jimmy Shelton is the husband of Nadia Shelton.


Jimmy's wife, Nadia, was in the hospital for excision of a gastric ulcer. She'd been scheduled for three days, but her surgery kept getting pushed back for something more emergent. She'd had three bleeding ulcers in the last five years, so she knew the drill and wasn't upset about her surgery getting pushed. Her family, on the other hand, was very upset. When her surgery was pushed to the afternoon and then to the next day, they became even more upset.

Nadia's ulcer perforated and she started coughing up blood, which made her surgery emergent. They rushed her into surgery, where they discovered that she had two ulcers, one perforated and one bleeding, and repaired the damage. She was stable after the surgery and was told that she'd be fine, but her family was not grateful to the doctors, blaming them pushing her surgery for the perforation. George yelled at them, saying they had put her under a lot of stress and they should have just shut up. He then restricted them from visiting Nadia's room.



He is married to Nadia Shelton. Together, they have a son, Josh.