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Joey Phillips is a homeless child who was injured while looking for a safe place to sleep. He is currently being fostered by Miranda Bailey and Ben Warren.


Injury and Living with Bailey[]

Joey was injured while searching an empty warehouse for a warm place for him and siblings to sleep. He told them not to go for help, fearing that they'd be split up, but Sarah believed he was dying and showed Jack where Joey was. When they said Joey needed to go to the hospital, Joey objected, but when he became unresponsive, they took him anyway. They told his siblings where the hospital was and said they could run and meet the ambulance there. ("House Where Nobody Lives")

Joey became agitated when he learned that his siblings had been taken back into foster care. He tried to leave the hospital, but Jo caught him and told him explicitly what could happen if he tried to leave before he got treatment in order to convince him to stay. He later had surgery on his arm. ("Save the Last Dance for Me")

After his surgery, Joey was reluctant to do his PT. Cormac initially thought he was bored by it, so he brought in a video game that used the same motions and said he could play that instead. He told them he couldn't play video games or enjoy being safe and warm without knowing his siblings were okay, too. Bailey then made some calls and arranged for his siblings to come to the hospital for pizza and video games, which reassured him greatly. ("A Diagnosis")

While Joey was hospitalized, Bailey helped him study and they bonded. He also turned eighteen, but declined to meet with his social worker to discuss his options for continued foster care or group homes. Upset that he was being discharged during a blizzard with nowhere to go, Bailey invited him to come to her house and stay with her family, which he accepted. ("Snowblind")

Joey continued to live with them happily. ("Leave a Light On")

Playing Basketball[]

Ben came home after a long shift to find Joey and Tuck playing basketball together. He then joined their game. ("Something About What Happens When We Talk")

Spaghetti Fundraiser[]

Joey and Tuck came with Bailey to the spaghetti dinner fundraiser to help raise money for Pruitt's funeral. They ate voraciously, then discussed their mutual desire to go down the fire pole, which Ben said they couldn't do. When they cleared their plates, they asked if they could go get more, which Ben said they could. ("The Ghosts That Haunt Me")


At the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, Ben's sister Rosalind came to live at her brother's house to watch Tuck and Joey while Ben and Bailey both quarantined due to their work. Both boys enjoyed this change and wanted Rosalind to continue to stay with them. Rosalind brought them down to the hospital one evening to clap for the healthcare workers at the hospital along with the firefighters of station 19. ("Nothing Seems the Same") ("All Tomorrow's Parties")

Tiger Escape[]

When Lorelei the tiger escaped into Seattle and was eventually trapped in the barn at station 19, Tuck and Joey FaceTimed Ben so they could see her. ("Wild World")

Elena Bailey's Death[]

When Elena Bailey died of COVID, Ben came home for the first time since the start of the pandemic, saying he'd tested negative and then breaking the bad news to both boys and Rosalind. Tuck lashed out, fleeing to his room and refusing to speak to anyone, even Joey. Ben made spaghetti to draw him out. Joey then sat down with Ben and they talked about having lost people before. Joey talked about the difficulty of being separated from his foster siblings and Ben offered to have a barbecue at the end of the pandemic and inviting all of them over. ("Out of Control")

Seattle Protests[]

After the death of George Floyd, protests cropped around the country, including many in Seattle. Joey and Tuck asked Ben if they could join the protests, saying they wanted to march for themselves and for Rosalind. Ben finally agreed and they marched along the rest of Station 19. ("Get Up, Stand Up")

Ben's Cancer[]

When Bailey found a lump in Ben's testicle that a urologist determined was most likely cancerous, Joey immediately took an interest in the surgery he'd need to have to remove his testicle and hopefully all the cancer. This conversation led to a discussion of Joey's future and if he wanted to go to medical school. When he expressed concern over the cost, Ben easily said they could help with that. ("I Guess I'm Floating")

While Ben had his orchiectomy, he dreamed that Joey was helping a version of Ben himself operate. ("Comfortably Numb")



After his parents died in a car accident when he was five, he ended up in foster care. After several years, he was placed in a house with Frank, Sarah, and Ernie. When their foster father was arrested, they ran away together and started living on the streets. They were split up again when Joey was hospitalized and social services was called for the other three. ("Save the Last Dance for Me")

Notes and Trivia[]

  • He's the eldest of the siblings, at 17.[1] He turned 18 during his hospitalization.[2]
  • He's a straight-A student.[3]



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