John Finch is the boyfriend of Evelyn Hunt, Owen's mother. He is a firefighter working at SFD Station 19.

History[edit | edit source]

Meeting Evelyn[edit | edit source]

John met his future girlfriend, Evelyn, at a writers group. She wrote stories about her time in Vietnam, which fascinated John who'd been in the Navy himself. They stayed to talk afterward and six months later, they were still together.

Evelyn's Accident[edit | edit source]

John was with Evelyn at her house when she fell in the shower. He'd been making her breakfast because she felt dizzy and he thought it was just because she needed to eat. He accompanied her to the hospital and stayed by her bedside. However, when Evelyn's son, Owen, found out about them, he didn't approve and felt that John was just scamming her. Evelyn had only minor injuries, so they kept her overnight to observe her. John went to her house to take care of the cat and take out the recycling and brought her clothes and a new journal because he couldn't find hers. However, she felt compelled to break up with him because her son didn't like him.

Shortly after the breakup, Evelyn had severe abdominal pain. She was rushed into surgery for a ruptured abdominal aortic aneurysm. John, despite having been dumped, refused to leave the hospital until he knew that she was okay. He sat in the waiting room with Owen while Evelyn was in surgery. When he found out she was okay, he prepared to leave, but before he left, he told Owen that a book he'd ordered for Evelyn was at her house and asked him to make sure she got it. This made Owen realize that John really cares about Evelyn and the two got back together. ("With or Without You")

Mt. Baker Fire[edit | edit source]

A fire broke out on Mt. Baker and John was called to the scene. While fighting the fire, he sustained burns to his chest. He slipped and fell in a ravine and was impaled on a metal pole. In the ER, Nathan Riggs pulled out the pole. There was a hole in his pericardium, which he was taken into surgery to repair. After his surgery, he was expected to make a full recovery. ("Things We Lost in the Fire")

Move to A-Shift[edit | edit source]

When Rigo Vasquez was injured, John was moved to A-shift to cover the gap. Since he was close with Rigo, Maya checked with him to make sure he could be professional despite what had happened with Jack and Eva. He insisted he could. They were then called out to a vehicle accident in which a truck hit several people on motorcycles. On the scene, John was directed to check on the truck driver, who was drunk and unresponsive. John determined that he was essentially already dead, so Maya had him swap places with Emmett, so Emmett could learn how to do a difficult intubation in the field without the risk of killing someone who had a chance to live. ("Born to Run")

Rigo's Death[edit | edit source]

After Rigo's death, John blamed Jack and expressed his desire to hurt Jack because of it. When he found A shift in the beanery, he said they needed to get out before he hurt Jack. ("Something About What Happens When We Talk")

Still Call[edit | edit source]

John was present when Darcie came into station 19 after stabbing a man who assaulted in as she ran in the park. When the officers who responded suggested taking Darcie to the hospital, Jack and Dean offered to do that, despite being off-shift, as John pointed out. ("Bad Guy")

Relationships[edit | edit source]

Romantic[edit | edit source]

He is dating Evelyn Hunt, who is several years his senior. The two met at a writers group. He loved her stories about her time in Vietnam, so he stayed after to talk to her about them. When they noticed they were the only two left, he asked her to get coffee. She said that six months later, they hadn't run out of the things to talk about. He didn't mind the age difference, saying that they were just years and frankly, years he wished he'd spent with her. She also said that when they kissed, the years between them melted away. When Evelyn was hospitalized after an accident, John fed the cat, took the recycling out, and brought her clothes and a journal. Despite this, she dumped him briefly after her son, Owen, didn't approve of them. However, John refused to leave the hospital until he knew she was okay, so he sat in the waiting room and waited. After he found out she was okay, he went to leave, but first told Owen that he'd ordered a book Evelyn had been looking for and it was in her house. That led Owen to see that John really cares for Evelyn and John and Evelyn got back together. ("With or Without You")

Career[edit | edit source]

He did a stint in the US Navy, which drew him to Evelyn's stories about her time in Vietnam. He is currently a firefighter with the Seattle Fire Department. He has been working the B-shift at SFD Station 19 for a while. When Rigo Vasquez, having recently transferred to A-shift, sustained an injury on the job, John subbed for him on A-shift.

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