Jonah Mays is a patient who had surgery to correct his spinal curvature.


At the age of six, Jonah was diagnosed with progressive kyphoscoliosis. Due to his condition, he had frequent surgeries. When rods were placed, they bent instead of straightening his spine. When his parents died when he was twelve, his brother got custody of him and took over raising him. Six years later, Jonah was planning to go to college away from his brother and wanted to have a vertebral body tethering with the hope that it would allow him to live more normally and have less frequent surgeries. The surgery went well, but the tether didn't help. Instead of giving up, Amelia suggested a vertebral column resection, which involved replacing the deformed section of his spine with a mesh cage. That surgery went forward and went well. He woke up with no neurological deficits.



After his parents died, his brother took over raising him. He and his brother have a tradition before each of his surgeries that involves bowing to each other and shaking hands to say goodbye.

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • He was 18 at the time of his surgery.
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