Jonathan Todd is a paramedic who was injured when his rig exploded.


Jonathan and his partner, Ted, had just dropped a patient off at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital. When they went to leave, their rig exploded. Jonathan and Ted were both rushed inside the hospital for treatment.

Jonathan had serious abdominal bleeding from a liver laceration as well as a depressed skull fracture. They used a wound vacuum to close his abdomen with the intent of going in the next day to repair the damage. Amelia also placed a ventriculostomy in his head.

The next day, they took him into surgery. His ventriculostomy was easily removed, but when they went to remove the wound vacuum, he started bleeding profusely. Owen and Nathan quickly did a venovenous bypass, which was successful and allowed them to repair his liver.


He is a paramedic in Seattle. Paramedic Ted is his partner.

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