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Judi is the birth mother of Henry Montgomery.


Giving Birth[]

Dr. Addison Montgomery delivered Judi's baby at St. Ambrose Hospital. However, she couldn't take care of her baby, so she gave him up for adoption. She looked through the adoption agency's book of prospective mothers and chose Addison to be Henry's mother. ("It Was Inevitable")

As they discussed the terms of the open adoption, Judi was unsure how much contact she wanted with Henry. When Mildred Clemons suggested weekly photos and monthly visits, Judi agreed to that. ("Apron Strings")

Seeing Henry[]

Eight months after Henry's birth, Judi made contact with Addison for the first time, saying she wanted to see Henry. She came to Addison's house to visit him. When Addison wondered why Judi was visiting now after not having any contact for eight months and Judi said she felt weird. Judi asked if she could schedule another visit the next day and Addison, despite discomfort at the idea, agreed.

They met at the park the next day and Judi brought her mother, Donna. Donna declared herself Henry's grandmother and said she hadn't known that Judi was pregnant. Judi admitted that her mother's pressure is what convinced her to contact Addison and see Henry.

Judi came to Addison's office the next day and Addison told Judi she needed to stop ambushing her or she'd disappear with Henry. Judi said she'd come to tell Addison it hurt too much to see him and she couldn't do it anymore. She said Addison was a great person and mom and she wouldn't bother her again.

Addison then visited Judi at work and gave her a necklace with the letter H to symbolize her relationship with Henry. She encouraged her to keep seeing Henry, but Judi believed Henry would hate her when he grew up for giving him up for adoption. Addison convinced her otherwise and said they were both his mothers and she was always welcome in Henry's home. ("Apron Strings")

Notes and Trivia[]

  • Addison gave Judi a gold necklace with the letter "h" on it to symbolize her relationship with Henry.



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