Judi Roberts is the mother of Maya Roberts.


Judi came into the hospital with her daughter, Maya, who had chondrosarcoma. She had her leg amputated two years prior because of it. When it recurred in her chest, Maya went looking for a miracle and ended up at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital. Alex Karev initially suggested using titanium plates to bridge the gap left by removing the cancer, recommended by Callie Torres and Maggie Pierce. Maya rejected that suggestion because of the need for revision surgeries and the fragility of the titanium plates.

Maya asked Callie and Maggie for other options and when they suggested 3D printed ribs to replace the defect left by removing her cancer, she decided she wanted to go with that. Judi was a little hesitant, but signed the papers when Maya insisted it's what she wanted, over the advice of Alex, who wanted to go with a more conservative approach.

Maya had her surgery and was stable and awake afterward.



She raised her daughter, Maya, by herself after having her very young. She let Maya take the lead in her own medical care because she doesn't really understand it and Maya has a head for that kind of thing.


She works two jobs to pay the bills and keep Maya on the good insurance.

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