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We all have heroes. People we look up to. People we aspire to be, who teach us how to be greater than we are because they are greater than we are. They're great if we don't look too closely. 'Cause if we get too close, we realize heroes are just regular people. And regular people can fail us. Our heroes aren't special. They're just people. They're like us. They're just trying to survive. They're trying to be happy. Trying to do better. Be better. Feel better. Heroes aren't more special, more courageous than the rest of us. After all, they're only human. They hurt. They break. They bleed. But sometimes, every once in a while, when it matters, they get it right. And that changes everything. A hero is only human, but that's the point. If they can do it, so can you. So, you keep going. You don't give up. You stand tall. You fight. You always show up to save the day.

Jukebox Hero is the eleventh episode of the thirteenth season and the 280th overall episode of Grey's Anatomy.

Short Summary[]

Richard and the attendings set out to make Eliza's first day at Grey Sloan a bumpy one. Meanwhile, Meredith tries to track down Alex.

Full Summary[]

At home, Maggie and Meredith are trying to figure out what happened to Alex. They need a number to gain access to his records on the Washington Courts Online Case Search. Meredith's looking through her phone for a number Alex sent her once. Meredith finds the number and Maggie types it in. The case summary comes up, which states the defendant was found guilty and sentenced to 30 years to life. Meredith then notices it's not Alex Karev. Maggie typed an 8 instead of an A. After they search with the right number, they find that the trial is indefinitely postponed. That means he's taken the plea. Alex is in prison.

At the hospital, Arizona, April, Jackson, and Richard are meeting in an on-call room. Maggie arrives late. Since he thinks Richard no longer wants to fight, Jackson wants to go over Bailey's head and get Eliza fired. Richard says that's nepotism and wrongful termination. They need to be smart about this. They can't rush into battle. Eliza needs to want to leave because she's failing. Richard notices Arizona's distracted. She's thinking about Alex. Maggie says they can't find out where they put him. Leah knocks on the door. A laboring mom is on her way. Arizona asks Maggie to let her know when she hears about Alex and leaves. Maggie then tells the others about Alex since they don't know what's going on.

Ben approaches Jo in the locker room and tells her he's sorry about Alex. She says he shouldn't be sorry. She's the one who put Alex in prison. She walks out.

Stephanie meets with Eliza in front of the OR board. Stephanie's excited about today. Eliza then starts adjusting the board so that it fits her schedule. Stephanie warns her not to touch the board. Only Bailey can do that. Bailey arrives, but she gives Eliza permission to do what's necessary. Bailey asks Stephanie to leave and then tells Eliza she wants to call a meeting to let the attendings know she's starting today. Eliza says she wants to do this slowly. She'll win their hearts and minds attending by attending. They'll soon realize she's the best thing to ever happen to them. There's a Dr. Webber everywhere she goes, but she knows how to deal. Richard, who's overheard everything, comes over with a cup of coffee for the both of them, but Eliza doesn't do caffeine. He walks off and dumps the coffee in the trash can.

Leah's talking to Arizona about the laboring mom. She's on her way in a taxi and her contractions are three minutes apart. The doctor on call's in a delivery, so Arizona is the only available doctor. Leah's been talking to the driver, with whom she's videochatting. She shows Arizona the videochat. Arizona greets them and Steve, the driver, tells them they're coming in hot.

Maggie, April, Jackson, and Richard meet again. Jackson's been working on a petition, but Richard says that's too late. He tells them about Eliza's plan to turn them one by one. They have to never let her in the OR. Jackson feels uncomfortable undermining Bailey like this, but Richard convinces him this is an Eliza Minnick problem.

Owen arrives at Meredith's house as she is on her way out. He tells her Amelia's gone, but Meredith doesn't know where she is. She has to go find Alex now. She asks Owen to let her know when he's found Amelia.

Arizona and Leah are on the elevator. Steve tells them they're two blocks away. Mindy, whose water has broken in the car, says she's going to divorce her husband since he's out shopping right now. Mindy feels like she's crushing the baby. Arizona says that's the baby descending into the canal. She tells Mindy to lean back and put her feet up. They'll be waiting for her in the parking lot. Suddenly, both Mindy and Steve scream and the screen goes black as there are car crash noises. Leah and Arizona rush off.

Out in the street nearby the hospital, Steve is taken out of the car after they've stabilized his neck with a collar. He says he's fine. He's worried about Mindy. Arizona is examining Mindy, who's unresponsive. Ben comes rushing over. Mindy has bilateral hip dislocations. Ben derives she had her feet up on the dashboard, because this is damage caused by the airbag. Ben takes Mindy to the ER. Stephanie tells Arizona that the guy who hit them barely has a scratch. The man is calling for Mindy, his wife. He can't believe he hit his wife, who's having his baby.

Maggie, Leah, and Arizona are working on Mindy in the trauma room. Mindy's worried about her baby, but its heartbeat sounds good. Mindy asks about her husband, but Arizona avoids answering the question. The films are up, revealing pelvic fractures and bilateral hip dislocations. The broken pelvis is trapping the baby's head. Maggie takes Mindy to CT to check for more internal injuries.

Stephanie's examining Bryan Wallace as Owen comes in. Some facial lacs aside, he seems fine. Arizona comes in and tells him that his injuries are pretty severe. She promises she's doing everything she can. She leaves. Owen orders a head CT as Stephanie continues her exam. Owen asks if she's heard from Shepherd. Stephanie got an e-mail in which Amelia told her she's taking a few days leave. Owen asks Stephanie to let him know if she hears anything from Amelia.

Nathan enters the scrub room, where Eliza tells him he's stoked to scrub in on his valve replacement. He says he just did that. It went great. Eliza says it was scheduled as the next surgery. She wrote it on the board. He says she may have miswritten it. Opening the patient up again for her may get him arrested, so he's not doing that. He leaves as she realizes what's happening.

While Arizona and Leah are waiting for Mindy's CT scans, Maggie's on the phone with Meredith. After the call, she tells Arizona that Alex is not King County lockup or Tri-County. Arizona was there last night and she wouldn't wish that on anyone. The scans come up. Mindy has a grade II splenic lac and she's bleeding from her common iliac artery. It's a miracle that that baby is okay. They need to deliver through C-section and then repair all the bleedings. Leah leaves to get an OR ready.

Ben's examining Steve in the ER. Steve asks about Mindy, but he realizes Ben can't tell him anything about her. Steve says he got invested. Ben will order a head CT for Steve and he'll see what he can find out.

At the nurses station, Jo asks him if Minnick's starting today. Ben says he doesn't know more than she does. Jo finds that odd since he's the Chief's husband. Two hockey guys come in. In a collision, Garth hit Tyler in the throat with his stick and after he went down, Garth accidentally stepped on his face with his skate. Ben and Jo take a look at his face, which is degloved. They decide to page Plastics.

Arizona and Maggie tell Mindy about their plan. Mindy wants Bryan in the OR for the baby. She says Bryan was supposed to cut the cord. Maggie wants to deny her request, but Arizona gives in. Mindy thanks them.

Maggie talks to Arizona about her decision. Arizona says Bryan will be gone after the C. Arizona is feeling guilty because she made things so much worse when she told Mindy to put her feet up. This is her way of making things better.

Ben tells Steve his labs look good. They're waiting on his head CT results. He hasn't heard about Mindy. Steve says today started so good. Mindy was already huffing and puffing when he arrived so he told her to sit in the front so she could recline her seat. He promised her he'd get her to the hospital. He was gonna tell his kids he was a hero today, but now everyone's dying. It sucks. Ben then goes to the next curtain as he hears Jo scolding Garth for almost killing someone over a stupid game. She claims there's no problem and walks off after telling him to wait for the results of his studies. Garth would like Jo's number, but Ben tells him to shut up.

Ben approaches Jo and asks her if she's sure she's okay. He asks if she's heard about Karev. She hasn't. He tells her he's there for her if she needs anything, but she needs to finish working up her patient.

Meredith's at city hall, trying to get information on Alex. She gives the info to the official, but since Meredith doesn't have Alex's social security number, she refers Meredith back to the website. She calls for the next in line so Meredith has to leave.

Arizona and Leah are on their way to the OR to deliver the baby. Eliza appears behind them and since Leah's done that before, Eliza suggests this is the perfect opportunity to let Leah take the lead. She's heard they need to hire a new Chief of Pediatric Surgery since apparently, theirs went up the river. Arizona tells Leah to go make sure that Mindy's set up. As soon as Leah's gone, Arizona tells Eliza that she's not welcome on her case. Eliza says she's not asking. The patient is her student's classroom. Arizona finds that distasteful and since Richard is a friend of hers, Eliza has to stay the hell away from her OR. Richard's overheard the conversation from a distance and he seems pleased.

Owen finds Stephanie studying Bryan's head CTs. She's not sure if she's looking at a subtle hemorrhage or an artifact, so she's going to ask for a neuro consult. Stephanie says she'll be on the third floor if he can't find her. She leaves. Owen checks his phone, but still nothing from Amelia.

Ben and Jackson are working on Tyler. Eliza enters the trauma room, where Jackson gives her a very cold welcome and further ignores her. Ben tells her about the case. She asks Ben if he's ever done anything like this. He's worked on a hand. Eliza tells Jackson that this is an opportunity for them to teach Ben to build on the skills he's already learned. Jackson says this is not a hand. It's his face, his entrance in the room, so Jackson won't let Ben practise on this face. He can learn another surgery. Jackson tells Ben to cover the pit. He'll have another doctor assist. Ben's disappointed and Eliza wonders if anyone ever gets taught around here.

In the scrub room, Arizona tells Bryan they'll go say hi to Mindy and then he'll leave before they intubate her. Bryan wonders how he has to tell Mindy that this is all his fault. Arizona tells him not to until Mindy's safely out of surgery. They enter the OR. Bryan takes Mindy's hand. She tells him not to faint since he's squaemish. She then notices the lacs on his face and asks what happened. He breaks and tells her it was him who hit her. He apologizes and tells her he loves her. Mindy's put under.

Richard is writing on the OR board. Eliza joins him. He asks about her first day. She admits she's having trouble finding her way into ORs. Everyone seems unable to afford extra people in their OR. Richard says he redid the board since she used lowercase letters while they prefer caps. He finds it passive aggressive. Eliza tells him that Bailey told her to arrange the board as she saw fit. In that case, Richard leaves her to it. He walks off with the marker.

In the OR, Arizona delivers the baby, after which Mindy deteriorates. The baby has trouble breathing. Leah takes care of the baby while Arizona and Maggie rush to stop the bleeding. Leah has to intubate the baby and take her up to the NICU. Bryan's taken out of the OR.

Stephanie enters her apartment and gives Amelia the scans she asked for. Amelia takes a look at Bryan's scans and confirms it's just artifact. The driver's clean, too. Stephanie says she had to lie to Owen, whom she suspects knows. Stephanie's a little upset that Amelia is having her last yogurt, but she assures Amelia that she's welcome. She would like to tell Owen something, though, because he's miserable and she hates lying to him. Amelia says no, because he'll try to fix it while it can't be fixed.

Maggie and Arizona are still working on Mindy. Maggie points out that what happened is exactly the reason she was against Bryan being in there, but Arizona can't hear it. Leah comes in and tells her the baby has a diaphragmatic hernia. She's intubated but still desaturating. Arizona tells Leah to put the baby on ECMO. Leah's never done that before. Arizona tells her to call the peds surgeon on call to get help, but Leah has to manage.

Steve calls Ben over. Ben says he hasn't heard about Mindy, but it's not about that. He thinks Garth is breathing funny. Ben takes a listen. He has a collapsed lung. Ben asks for an X-ray and chest tube tray.

Leah's on the phone with Arizona. She's got help, but despite the heart-lung bypass, the baby's still not oxygenating or perfusing well. Leah thinks they need to get this baby to the OR. After hearing that Dr. Barton is assisting Leah, Maggie tells Arizona to go. She reminds Arizona that she didn't do this, a car did. Arizona says she needs Alex. Maggie assures her she's got this and Arizona leaves.

Arizona arrives in the NICU as Leah's ready to start transporting the baby to an OR. Arizona does a quick exam and says there's no time. They have to operate right here, which amazes Leah.

Meredith's at a jail, but the clerk tells her Alex is not in there. She asks if they can call around to other jails, but the answer is no.

Back at the hospital, Stephanie tells Owen she discharged Bryan since his CT was clear. He asks who took a look. She replies Dr. Morton. Stephanie starts to walk off to get an update on Bryan's wife and baby, but Owen asks her about the driver. Stephanie says "she" also cleared Steve. Owen figures out what happened since Morton's male. He asks Stephanie to let him know when she has the update so they can go talk to Bryan together.

Eliza joins Richard and Ben in the trauma room. After taking a look at the scan, Richard says Garth's fractured ribs must have punctured his lung. They'll have to stabilize Garth in the OR. Eliza states she's coming and starts speaking about how she was hired for this job before Richard can say no. Richard interrupts her and says he'd be happy to have her.

In the OR, Ben wonders why hockey doesn't just ban the fighting. Eliza says that's the good part of the game. It shakes up the other team and gets your own team going. Richard explains that Garth is the enforcer. It's his job to go up against the skills player. Eliza says fights can also be strategic. It can change the momentum and break a stalemate. Richard says it also rallies the team against a common enemy. Ben realizes they're no longer talking about hockey. Eliza says she's being schooled now. That's why Webber allowed her in her OR. Richard wanted to see how she deals with a Dr. Webber. Eliza says the people who fight her always either get on board or get left behind. Richard hopes she meant it when she said the fight is the good part.

Eliza approaches Bailey and tells her change doesn't happen overnight. Bailey concludes she's won no hearts nor minds today. Eliza says it's always hard at first. Bailey says this is not a fight she should be having. She decides to call a meeting.

Leah and Arizona are getting ready to perform surgery on the baby. Arizona asks for the scalpel and tells Leah to assist.

Stephanie and Owen are updating Bryan. Pierce is closing Mindy up right now. Bryan asks when she'll wake up, but Owen admits they don't know if she will. They'll have to wait and see how she responds. His baby is in surgery as well. Owen says they'll let him know as soon as they know more. Bryan says he was in a baby store buying a tiny hat for his baby girl when he got the call. This morning, he knew what his future was gonna be and now, he might not even have a baby or a wife. There's also the possibility that Mindy will never forgive him if she wakes up.

As they walk off, Owen asks Stephanie to at least tell him if Amelia's okay and sober. Stephanie tells him she's safe. He asks Stephanie to tell Amelia to come home, that they'll be fine.

Richard meets with April and tells her that Eliza's on to them. Jackson comes in and asks if they've seen this e-mail from Bailey. All the attendings but Richard got one. Jackson has an idea.

In the NICU, Arizona tells Bryan that the repair went well. Bryan's relieved that she's okay. Arizona tells Bryan that she told Mindy to put her feet up on the dashboard to relieve the pressure. She didn't mean to make it worse. Bryan tells her she was just trying to help. He's the one who made things worse. Arizona says he was just trying to get there in time.

Eliza and Bailey are waiting on the stairs in the lobby. All the attendings are 10 minutes late. Richard walks over and Bailey asks him where the attendings are. He says they're teaching, operating, or maybe sending a message. Eliza says they've been doing the latter all day. Bailey tells Eliza to go. She asks Richard why he's doing this, as he himself said he liked Minnick's approach. Richard says it's not what she's doing, it's how Bailey's done it. Bailey tells him he's butthurt. Richard says no. She's enforcing change that nobody asked for. Bailey asks if he really wants to do this to her. Richard says it's not just him. People are angry at her way of handling him and the direction of the program. It was a bad call. She can still walk it back. Bailey says there are also people who consider this change of direction positive. She's going to walk on in this direction. Richard asks who. Bailey says it's not just her.

Ben says Steve is still waiting in the waiting area. He's cleared to go home, but Steve wanted to know about that family. He couldn't go home without knowing. Ben says it's still a question mark, but he tells Steve that he did save the hockey player. He had an internal bleeding that would have killed him if Steve hadn't caught it. Steve cheers as he got to be a hero today after all.

Stephanie comes home and tells Amelia that Owen wants her to come home. Amelia asks her about the family. Stephanie tells her that the woman's not out of the woods yet, but they're all alive. Amelia says that's good. She goes to sleep on the couch while Stephanie puts the yogurt that Amelia bought in the fridge.

Arizona's on her way out to finally get some sleep. Eliza stops her for a second and tells her that she heard from Leah that Arizona let her run with the baby. That's putting Eliza's method to work. She thanks Arizona for that. It's good to have her on board.

Ben walks out into the ambulance bay as he leaves for home. Jo is taking in a patient from an ambulance. Ben tells her she's not okay. Her patient's lung collapsed and she wasn't there. She says she was getting a culture in path. Ben tells her to talk to someone to work things out, because she's been in her head all day. Jo asks if Ben needs her to be fragile and fall apart. He keeps looking at her like he wants to help her or make her feel better. She doesn't need that. Stuff like this happens and she's built for it. She's fine. She tells Ben to leave her alone and goes inside.

Arizona comes home and sits down on the stairs. Andrew sits down with her and asks if she's okay. She knows she shouldn't talk to him about it. She misses Alex. She knows it's not fair to say that to him, but she hates that he's gone. Andrew is confused.

Meredith's on her way to her bedroom as Maggie asks her if she's found anything. Meredith went to three counties and four jails, but nobody will tell her anything. Maggie thinks they might still be processing him. Whatever happened, they'll find out tomorrow. Meredith already knows what happened. He's gone. Meredith asks if Owen found Amelia, but Maggie didn't know she was missing. Meredith says she needs to go wash off this day.

She walks into her bedroom and sits down on her bed. She gets a scare when Alex suddenly sits up. She hugs him and says she's been looking for him all day. He's been here, sleeping all day.


Main Cast[]

Guest Stars[]


Medical Notes[]

Mindy Wallace[]

  • Diagnosis:
    • Pregnancy
    • Pelvic fracture
    • Bi-lateral hip dislocations
    • Grade 2 splenic laceration
  • Treatment:
    • C-section delivery
    • Surgery

Mindy was in labor. On the way to the hospital, she video chatted with Arizona and Leah. She felt the baby descending, so Arizona told her to put her feet up on the dashboard to make her more comfortable. Close to the hospital, they were hit by another car. Both Mindy's hips were dislocated and broken by the impact and shoved into her chest and abdomen. In the ER, Arizona found a strong fetal heartbeat. An x-ray showed her pelvis was fractured, trapping her baby's head. They took her for a CT to check for other injuries. The CT showed a grade 2 splenic laceration and bleeding from the iliac artery, so they took her into surgery for a c-section. Shortly after the baby was delivered, she started bleeding seriously. Arizona and Maggie worked quickly to stop the bleeding. She survived the surgery, but her condition was still serious.

Steve Duncan[]

  • Diagnosis:
  • Treatment:

Steve was in a car accident. He said his head hurt, but he was fine. They ordered a CT. He was later told he was okay and discharged.

Bryan Wallace[]

  • Diagnosis:
    • Closed-head trauma
    • Facial lacerations
  • Treatment:
    • Stitches

Bryan, 36, was in a car accident. He had minor lacerations to his face, which were stitched up. He also had a CT, which Amelia said showed only artifact damage.

Nathan's Patient[]

  • Diagnosis:
  • Treatment:
    • Valve replacement

Nathan did a valve replacement.

Tyler Hemphill[]

  • Diagnosis:
    • Facial degloving
  • Treatment:
    • Surgery

Tyler was injured in a hockey accident. He was hit in the neck with a stick and in the face with a skate, ripping off his skin. Jackson consulted and then took Tyler into surgery to sew his face back on.

Garth Jones[]

  • Diagnosis:
    • Arm injury
    • Broken ribs
    • Collapsed lung
  • Treatment:
    • Surgery

Garth came in after a hockey collision. His arm was injured and some ribs were broken. He later had trouble breathing due to a collapsed lung. They intubated and took him for a chest x-ray. His fractured ribs punctured his lung. They put in a chest tube and then took him into surgery.

Baby Wallace[]

  • Diagnosis:
    • Diaphragmatic hernia
  • Treatment:
    • ECMO
    • Hernia repair

Baby Wallace was born via emergency c-section. After delivery, she was cyanotic. An x-ray showed a diaphragmatic hernia, so she intubated. When that didn't help, Arizona told her to find someone to help and put the baby on ECMO. She still wasn't improving, so Leah said they needed to take her to surgery. Arizona left Mindy and opened the baby up in the NICU and repaired her hernia. The surgery was successful and her father was told she'd be okay.


Song Performer Scene
"Bridge" Zoe Durrant
  • Arizona takes Bryan into his wife's surgery.
  • Mindy tells Bryan not to faint.
  • Mindy notice his face and he admits that he's the one who hit her.
  • Mindy is put under.
"Killing Me" Luke Sital-Singh
  • Arizona starts surgery on Mindy's baby.
  • Owen and Stephanie update Bryan on Mindy.
  • They also tell him the baby's having surgery.
  • He tells them he thought he knew what his future was and now he doesn't.
  • Owen asks Stephanie if Amelia's okay and Stephanie says she's safe.
  • Owen asks Stephanie to tell her to come home.
"Smoke Without Fire" David Gray
  • Arizona goes home and sits on her step.
  • Andrew asks if she's okay.
  • She says it's a patient and something else, but he doesn't want to hear about it.
  • She admits that she misses Alex and hates that he's gone.
  • Maggie asks Meredith if she found anything and Meredith says no one will tell her anything.
  • She says he's gone. She asks if Owen found Amelia.
  • Maggie asks where everyone is.
  • Meredith goes upstairs and finds Alex in her bed.
  • He says he's been there all day sleeping.

Notes and Trivia[]


Grey's Anatomy 13x11 Promo "Jukebox Hero" (HD) Season 13 Episode 11 Promo

  • This episode's title originated from the song Jukebox Hero, originally sung by Foreigner.
  • This episode scored 8.49 million viewers.
  • Goof: When Dr. Webber and Dr. Minnick are discussing the OR board, it lists Dr. Shepherd on a surgery even though it had previously been stated that she would be out for a few days.


Episode Stills[]

Behind the Scenes[]


Ben: You've been in your head all day. It's fine, 'cause I covered for you, but talk to someone. Work it out.
Jo: What do you need, Warren? Do you need me to be fragile? Do you need me to fall apart?
Ben: Oh, come on, now.
Jo: Would that help you? Because you keep looking at me with your eyes all soft like you want to help me, you want to make me feel better. I don't need to feel better. I don't need your sympathy. Stuff like this happens, and I am built for it. I'm fine. Leave me alone.

Stephanie: He looks miserable and he's scared to death for you, and I don't want to lie to your husband anymore, so can I just tell him something, please?
Amelia: No. Because he will try to fix it and it can't be fixed.

Prison clerk: He's not in the computer. I don't have him.
Meredith: Okay, so can we call around to some other jails?
Prison clerk: Sure. 'Cause this is Saks Fifth Avenue.

Arizona: I miss Alex. And I know that that's not fair to say to you, but it's true. I hate that he's gone. I just... I hate it.

Arizona: You're not welcome on my case.
Eliza: I'm not actually asking. It's my job.
Arizona: Well, I'm actually telling you. It's my patient.
Eliza: And your patient is my student's classroom.
Arizona: That seems like a very distasteful way of referring to a woman who just suffered a medical trauma giving birth to a baby. Whose name is Mindy, by the way. And Richard Webber, he's a friend of mine, so you can stay the hell away from my OR.

Ben: Why doesn't hockey just ban the fighting?
Eliza: Are you kidding? It's part of the game, the good part. You got to shake up the other team or get your own team going.
Richard: Garth is the enforcer. Now, his job is to go in and take out the skills player, upset the other team. Seems he's pretty good at it.
Eliza: Fights can be strategic, too. A fight can change momentum, clear the air, break a stalemate.
Richard: It also rallies the team against a common enemy.
Ben: Well, this is fascinating. And I thought I was just gonna learn about surgery.
Eliza: Oh, no, Dr. Warren, it's me who's being schooled tonight. Isn't that why you allowed me into an OR?
Richard: I just wanted to see how you deal with a Dr. Webber.
Eliza: You don't want to have this fight, sir. Someone always tries to, and they always get on board or get left behind.
Richard: You said fighting is the good part, right? Well, I hope you meant it.

Eliza: I wanted to thank you.
Arizona: What?
Eliza: Murphy told me you let her run with that baby from the trauma. That's the spirit. That's really putting my method to work. Good to have you on board.

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