Julia Udell is a nurse at Seattle Presbyterian Hospital.


Bailey's Heart AttackEdit

When Miranda Bailey came into the ER believing she was having a heart attack, she spoke to Julia at the desk, interrupting Mr. Nelligan, who was trying to convince Julia that he had a pre-clot. She also later directed Maggie and Richard to Bailey's bedside when they claimed to be her daughter and husband respectively. ("(Don't Fear) the Reaper")

Ripley's Hospitalization and DeathEdit

When Lucas Ripley came into Seattle Pres, she was working at the desk. He told her about his possible exposure to hydrofluoric acid. and she immediately called Maggie and sent Lucas to get checked out. ("Always Ready")


When Andy and Ben came to Seattle Pres to drop off Nate, Julia met them at the door and took report from them. ("For Whom the Bell Tolls")


She is a nurse at Seattle Presbyterian Hospital.



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