Julius Guerra is a patient who came to the hospital after an apartment fire.


Julius was evacuated from an apartment building when there was a fire while he was delivering food. He had some minor smoke inhalation, but was having a lot of trouble breathing. Despite this, he insisted that he was fine, because he was worried about the cost of his treatment. They did an x-ray, which showed a pulmonary bleb, which they believed was the reason he wasn't able to breathe easily. They went back to him and he told them he knew about his bleb, which he'd had since childhood. They wanted to remove it, but his insurance would only pay for emergency surgery, so he declined and tried to leave the hospital. He became winded putting on his pants, so Alex talked him back into the bed. He then examined him and took advantage of the exam to cut him on the side of his chest with a scalpel. He said it was an indication of a penetrating chest wound and Julius would need surgery to explore the wound and remove anything they might see. Julius was taken into surgery, where his bleb was removed. After surgery, he revealed that he knew what Alex had done with the scalpel, but he was glad and said his mother would be so relieved because she'd been saving for the surgery for years.



He and his mother don't have a lot of money. His mother works three jobs to keep him clothed and fed and had been saving up to get his bleb removed and he didn't want her informed when he was in the hospital because he didn't want her to worry.

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • He was eighteen at the time of his hospitalization.
    • Despite this, he was treated as a pediatric patient.
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