Justin Davidson was in the hospital for a heart transplant after outgrowing the transplant he'd gotten as a child.


Infant Heart TransplantEdit

When Justin was a baby, he received a heart transplant. The transplant went well and the graft kept him alive for ten more years.

Second Heart TransplantEdit

Several years later, Justin's transplanted heart started failing, so he was put on the list to wait for a new one. When it became available around Christmas, his mother told him Santa brought him a new heart, but Justin flatly rejected it, saying he should give it to someone else. Despite his objections, he received the heart transplant. During the surgery, Burke asked Cristina to call for a psych consult, but she wasn't able to get one because psych was very busy because of the holidays. Burke said his mom needed to find someone for Justin to talk to.

Marian called in Father Michael. Before he arrived, Justin woke up from his surgery and said his mother had claimed that the last two Christmases could be his last.

Father Michael came and Justin said he knew that Santa wasn't real and there's no such thing as God and another kid had to die to give him his new heart. While talking to them, Justin coded. Cristina was able to get him back, but they said he needed to decide to live or he would die.

Cristina talked to Justin about her not believing in God or Santa. She believes in medicine, which she says is so much cooler than Santa. She said he should fight to live so that the can grow up and figure out a way to do heart transplants without someone having to die. Or grow up and have kids and raise them not to believe in Santa. She said dying wasn't the best revenge for him.

After speaking to Cristina, Justin's condition rapidly improved.



Justin resents his mother for lying to him about Santa and where his heart transplant came from.

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • He hates Christmas and doesn't believe in Santa or God.