K. Clarke is a paramedic in Seattle.


Gretchen McKayEdit

K. Clarke brought in Gretchen McKay after she was in a car accident with her family. He said she was 34 weeks pregnant and had abdominal pain. ("There's a Fine, Fine Line")

Leo PaulsonEdit

When Leo Paulson fell down a flight of stairs, he was on the rig that brought him in. ("You're Gonna Need Someone on Your Side")

Cassidy GardnerEdit

When Cassidy Gardner fell down a flight of stairs, Clarke brought her into the ER. ("Papa Don't Preach")


He is a paramedic in Seattle.

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • He shares the same first initial and last name with Paramedic Kevin Clarke.
  • K. Clarke was credited as Paramedic #1, Paramedic and Paramedic 2.



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