Kalpana Vera is patient who was admitted to be monitored for arrhythmias.


Rheumatic FeverEdit

When she was eight, Kalpana, while living in Zambia with her parents, who did missionary work, contracted rheumatic fever. She had to be sent back to the United States for treatment. She nearly died.


Kalpana had had multiple syncopal episodes and arrhythmias, so she was admitted to the hospital for tests and observation. Cristina saw her taking a pill that wasn't in her chart. She claimed it was an oral contraceptive and she had had grapefruit juice to avoid the drug interaction. Shortly after, Kalpana passed out again and had to be resuscitated.

They ran tests to find out the cause while Cristina looked through Kalpana's chart. She noticed she'd been in several hospitals recently. While talking to George, she figured out that Kalpana had been faking it. Izzie confirmed that her tests had all revealed nothing. She had Munchausen syndrome.

They took her in for another test despite Cristina's conclusion and while they were working, the nurse noticed that her urine was blue. They confronted her, saying they knew she'd ingested something to make herself sick and they'd be transferring her to psych.



Her parents are missionaries. When she was a child, she traveled the world with them for their work.


She is a pharmacy technician.

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • She was named by villagers in Nepal. Her first name is pronounced Kul-puhna.
  • She claimed to have a PhD in neuropharmacology.
  • Her name translates as "imaginary truth". Kalpana is Hindi for imaginary, vera is Latin for truth.
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