Kamal Aboud is a boy from Jordan who had serious tumors invading his hands.


Life in JordanEdit

Kamal was living in Jordan. He had to watch his entire family being killed and would have been taken as a child soldier, except that his hands were deformed. His home was burned down, so he lived in the hospital in Jordan, where the doctors gave him odd jobs.

Hand SurgeryEdit

Nathan Riggs later brought him to Seattle in order for him to have surgery to repair his hands. When Jackson Avery saw his hands, he saw that the tumors were much worse than anticipated. He looked at the scans and said it was too complex to attempt. Nathan wanted to take Kamal to another hospital, but Jackson said they'd all say the same thing. He agreed to run a biopsy. When the biopsy revealed pre-cancerous cells in both hands, he officially recommended amputation of both hands.

They told Kamal they'd be amputating his hands, but once they took him into surgery, they started working on removing the tumors and finding usable bone. They were able to remove the tumors and find enough bones to reconstruct his hands. After surgery, he was excited to see that his hands looked like hands. He was told he'd need a few more surgeries, but he'd keep his hands.



He witnessed his whole family being murdered.


While living in the hospital in Jordan, he became close with the doctors, particularly April Kepner and Nathan Riggs.

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • To get to Seattle, he rode a bus, a plane, a train, three cars, and a helicopter.


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