Kara Fisher was in a car accident on the way to her father's funeral.


Kara was estranged from her family for many years. When she got a call that her father had died, she decided to go to his funeral. However, she was late, so she was rushing and caused a car accident which led to several members of her family being taken to the hospital, including herself. She was 35 weeks pregnant and had a broken pelvis. A CT showed that while there was bleeding, it wasn't serious enough to have surgery, so they watched her and waited.

She learned while hospitalized that her family was there and was encouraged to try reconnecting with them. However, before she could do this, her brother rushed in an accused her of killing their mother, who had died of a heart attack. Kara started to panic and the baby became unstable, so she was rushed for a c-section.

After her surgery, Kara was visited by her brother and sister, who told her their mom was alive after all and they wanted to start to mend fences.



She was estranged from her parents and siblings for many years. After learning that her father had died, she tried to go to his funeral, but ended up causing an accident that led to the hospitalization of many members of the family. While in the hospital, she gave birth to her son and started to mend fences with her family.

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • She has a history of drug use.
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