Karen Kepner is the mother of April Kepner.


April's WeddingEdit

Karen was present at April's wedding. She sat in the front row next to her husband, who walked their daughter down the aisle. ("Get Up, Stand Up")

April's BabyEdit

When she found out that April was pregnant, she visited to help April and Jackson prepare. ("Don't Let's Start")

She returned to Seattle when April was worried about her baby's osteogenesis imperfecta diagnosis. She pushed April to pray and go to church because it would comfort her. She also didn't believe that April and Jackson should get the test to determine which type of OI the baby has because she believed that the best thing would be just to love their baby. ("The Bed's Too Big Without You")

Harriet's BirthEdit

After Harriet Kepner-Avery was born, Karen came out to Seattle, but she had to return to Moline and April said she couldn't come back to Seattle because she had to work. ("Catastrophe and the Cure")



Joe KepnerEdit

She and Joe Kepner are married and they have four daughters.


She is a teacher.

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • In a deleted scene from The Bed's Too Big Without You, Karen met Catherine Avery and they talked about their belief systems not mattering since all they wanted to do was be there for their children.
  • According to April, she once gave birth in a barn.[1]



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