Karin Taylor was the wife of Matthew Taylor.


Karin came into the ER in labor at 37 weeks of pregnancy. She said her baby had a small heart defect, so she'd been seeing Arizona Robbins. Karin's labor progressed quickly and her baby was born before Arizona could arrive. The baby, Ruby, was taken to the NICU for a workup. Karin waited in the ER for a room to open up. She later told a nurse her vagina hurt. April diagnosed a vulvar hematoma and drained it. Karin was stable again until she began experiencing extreme abdominal pain and tenderness. Arizona examined her and rushed her into surgery. She had DIC and HELLP Syndrome. A history of low blood pressure made the elevated blood pressure appear normal. Her organs started failing, so Arizona had to remove her uterus. Karin survived her surgery, but in her room, she went into PEA and was unable to be resuscitated.



She and Matthew Taylor were friends for a long time before he realized she was the love of his life and they married. They stayed married until Karin died.


Before Karin died, she gave birth to her daughter, Ruby.

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • She was 30 at the time of her death. However, Arizona later mentioned her being 33.