Karla is the mother of Nico.


Karla drove her son, Nico, over to his girlfriend, Clementine's house and gave her a box of peanut clusters, not knowing that Clem is allergic to peanuts. When Clem had an allergic reaction, Karla and Nico went with Clem to the ER. Nico insisted on staying with Clem all day. When Karla insisted that Nico go home when Clem was told she'd have to stay overnight, he threw a fit and only agreed to go home when Alex told him he'd deliver a message for him.



Karla's son, Nico, has a girlfriend named Clementine. When she had an allergic reaction to the peanut clusters Karla bought her for Valentine's Day, Karla had to go along with Nico and Clem to the ER. She also mentioned having two other children.


Karla mentioned having a busy job as the reason why she couldn't read the school newsletters, which stated that Clem was allergic to peanuts.

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