Kate Lachman is the head of OB/GYN at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital.


Kate butted heads with Carina when Carina asked for access to her patient files for an investigation. Arizona stepped in and clarified that Carina meant a study, not an investigation, and used their past friendship to get Kate to agree to give them access. While they looked through the information, Carina noticed that the Grey Sloan c-section rate was higher than average and had started increasing three years prior and Kate did more than twice as many as the next nearest doctor. Arizona confronted Kate with the information, but Kate brushed it off, despite Arizona pointing out the correlation between Kate's c-sections and her going out of town for the weekend.



She has a daughter named Lindsay who went to the day care and is friends with Sofia Robbin Sloan Torres.


She and Arizona are close friends due to their daughters being friends and working in the same hospital.


She is the Head of OB/GYN at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital.

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • In Anybody Have a Map?, Richard specifically has the Head of OB paged to his OR and a few OB/GYN's can be seen in the OR later, none of them being Kate. It's possible that Kate no longer held the position at the time or that she was simply tied up with another patient and sent other doctors of her department to answer his page.
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