Kate Shaw came into the ER after being in a plane crash.

History[edit | edit source]

Date[edit | edit source]

Kate and Sam met through an app which allows you to state what kind of date you'd like to go on. He proposed that they go up in his plane, which she agreed to. On the plane, they had sandwiches.

Plane Crash[edit | edit source]

While on their date, Sam had a heart attack while flying his plane, forcing Kate to take over the controls. Sam tried to talk her through landing, but she ultimately crashed the plane, injuring both of them and several others on the ground. Kate had abdominal injuries and a possible head injury, so she was taken for a head CT, which was clear, and then into surgery. She had intestinal tearing, which was repaired.

After her surgery, she woke up. She was stable and alert, but had no memory of the plane crash or the date that had preceded it. They checked her scans again, but they revealed nothing, so her neuro function was checked hourly. Stephanie Edwards had the idea to take Kate to see Sam to try to trigger her memory. After a few minutes, it worked and she started to remember things about their date. She then said she wished he would open his eyes, because she couldn't remember what they looked like, but Stephanie had told her that they were beautiful. Amelia later said that she expected a full recovery.

Relationships[edit | edit source]

Romantic[edit | edit source]

Sam Garrett[edit | edit source]

Kate met Sam through a dating app which allows you to say what kind of date you want to go on. On their first date, they went up in Sam's plane and she loved it. However, the date ended abruptly when Sam had a heart attack and Kate had to take the controls on the plane. Despite them being in a plane crash together, Sam said he'd marry Kate. She also believed she'd found her soul mate.

Notes and Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • She doesn't usually like to eat on first dates because she's too nervous.

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