Keith is the man who attempted to rape Alison Goodman.


Keith got into Alison's car and forced her to drive out to the woods. Once they were there, he started raping her. Determined not to let that happen, Alison pushed the gas on the car, sending them over a cliff. They were both taken to the ER, where they were unconscious and mistaken for lovers. When Keith woke up, he played into this belief, pretending to be worried for Alison and desperate to see her and reassure her. He tried to get out of bed to go see her, but he had a liver laceration and was ordered back into bed.

He eventually convinced Stephanie to take him to see Alison. While they were on their way, they were passed by several security guards and Stephanie got word that a patient had been raped. Keith, knowing he was near being caught, held Stephanie with a scalpel and told her to lead him out of the building without being seen. She started taking him down the stairs to the loading dock, but on their way out, a lockdown was activated, trapping them in a secluded part of the hospital with Erin Miller, who had wandered away from her parents. Stephanie told Keith that unless security called the lockdown off or an emergency forced the doors to release. He had the idea to start a fire and had Erin help him gather the supplies to do so. Once he had the fire started and held it up to the sprinkler, Stephanie sprayed him with alcohol, causing him to catch fire rapidly. Once he was on fire, he started crawling toward some oxygen tanks. Seeing this, Stephanie told Erin to go as far away from them as she could and then ran toward Keith just as the oxygen tanks exploded. ("True Colors")

His charred body was later found by firefighters. ("Ring of Fire")

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