Kelly McCreary plays Maggie Pierce on Grey's Anatomy. Her character also appeared in Grey's Anatomy: B-Team. Her character also crossed over to the season two Station 19 episode Under the Surface.


Kelly was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin to Geoffrey and Mary McCreary. She first appeared on stage in a 6th-grade musical. In her teenage years, she relocated to New York and attended Barnard College and graduated in 2003. While in college, she appeared in numerous commercials and plays.



  • A Cohort of Guests (short) (2019)
  • The Middlegame (short) (2016)
  • Baby, Baby, Baby (2015)
  • Life (2015)
  • My America (2014)
  • How to Follow Strangers (2013)
  • Being Flynn (2012)


  • Grey's Anatomy (2014-)
  • Station 19 (2018)
  • Harvey Street Kids (2018)
  • Theatre Corner (2018)
  • Grey's Anatomy: B-Team (2018)
  • Scandal (2013-2014)
  • Castle (2014)
  • Emily Owens M.D. (2012-2013)
  • My America (2012)
  • I Just Want My Pants Back (2012)
  • White Collar (2009-2011)
  • Rubicon (2010)
  • Cyberchase (2005-2010)
  • The Onion News Network (2010)
  • The Electric Company (2009)

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • Kelly loves to play tennis.
  • She is fascinated by the law, particularly the criminal justice system.
  • She went to audition for the show unaware of her character's biological relations. She thought the name of her character was Claudette, as this was the name used in the sides. It wasn't until after she was cast that she was informed of Maggie's real identity.
  • Like Maggie, she's a big Harry Potter fan. She has read all the books and seen all the movies.
  • She is engaged to Pete Chatmon.

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