Kendall Sully is a patient who had a hernia repaired by Cristina Yang.


Kendall was in the hospital with a hernia. She had numerous questions, but Cristina was busy trying to get Izzie in to see Rebecca Swender, so she wasn't able to answer most of them. Right before her surgery, Kendall asked Cristina to tell her she was going to be okay, even though she thought it was only a silly little surgery for her. Cristina insisted that it wasn't just a silly surgery for her and said she'd be okay, which reassured her.



She wondered if she'd be able to hold her grandkids after her surgery.


Her friends went on a European trip while she was in the hospital. They weren't going to go when her hernia became a problem, but she insisted that they go. One of her friends, Bill Ferguson, is a retired surgeon and helped her with some questions to ask before her surgery.

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • She wears glasses and frequently loses them.
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