Kerry Schultz is a member of the flag football team that were all struck by lightning.


Kerry was playing flag football when her entire team was struck by lightning. She was taken to the ER, where her injuries were assessed. Both her ear drums were ruptured and she had paralysis in her legs, which Callie Torres believed was probably transitory paralysis, but Kerry was told they'd run a CT to be sure. The CT showed no damage to her spine.

Three of her teammates, Mitch, Russ Gammie, and Warren Griffith, all came in to confess their love to her. She told them all to shut up and then wanted Warren to speak. However, he started coughing up blood and had to be taken into surgery. Kerry worried about him.

After seeing a video of the accident, Lexie noticed that Kerry was hit hard right before the lightning strike. She went to Derek with her concerns and a scan showed a subdural hematoma. She was taken into surgery to repair the bleed and was told she'd be okay after.

After her surgery, she was able to move her toes and Warren came to visit her. He apologized for hitting her and getting them all struck by lightning, but she said that she wasn't sorry it happened and confessed that she loved him.



She liked one of her teammates, Warren Griffith. After the lightning strike, she found out he liked her as well.


Warren, Mitch, Russ, and Kerry are friends who all play on the same flag football team.

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