Kevin Davidson was a patient at Seattle Grace Hospital. He was in his mid-thirties.


Kevin was hit by a motorist swerving to avoid a biker from an illegal bike race. The doctors saw signs of brain death shortly after his arrival at the hospital, so they did tests to confirm. He had a traumatic aortic injury, which they repaired to preserve his ability to be a donor. The surgery was successful, but he was confirmed brain dead. They found his wife, who allowed the doctors to harvest his organs for donation. His liver, heart, eyes, and other organs were donated to other patients. Once the harvest was complete, Izzie, who had participated reluctantly in the surgery, stayed behind to sew up the incision so that his family could view him. Cristina ended up staying to assist her.


Romantic lifeEdit

He was married to Shelley Davidson and had one daughter.

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • He has blood type O negative.
  • Among his personal effects were an electronic key card and new sneakers.


Episode StillsEdit

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