Kim Dawson was Callie and Arizona's marriage counselor.


When Callie and Arizona agreed to go to marriage counseling, they saw Dr. Dawson for that. She taught them specific words to use to communicate with each other in a productive way. She suggested that they take a break, living in the same house, trading off child care, but without talking or having sex, with each other or with other people. Callie was initially reluctant, but agreed when Arizona pushed for it. They continued to have individual sessions with Dawson during those 30 days. When they broke the rules and kissed, she had them reset the counter and go for 30 days from that point. At the end of the 30 days, they had a joint session in which Callie said that the 30 days made her realize that they needed to love themselves and Sofia for a while, rather than each other.


She is a marriage counselor in Seattle.


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