The Klausman Institute

The Klausman Institute for Medical Research is a medical research facility and hospital located in Zurich, Canton Zurich, Switzerland.

It is one of the best medical research facilities for Cardiothoracic Surgery in the world. It was founded by Preston Burke with the help of a European billionaire.

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Notes and Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • It is solely financed by a billionaire and doesn't depend on state funding.
  • Surgeons and cardio specialists from all over the world work there.
  • The hospital owns 49 3-D printers. They had a 50th, but it was buggy, so they sent it back.
  • It is the leading center for Cardiothoracic Surgery in Switzerland according to a sign in the institute.
  • While the hospital was only shown to focus on cardiothoracic medicine, Cristina's article described her as working for the Division of Cardiothoracic Surgery, proving that there are also other divisions in the hospital. Most likely, they have a pediatric service given the fact that the hospital has a baby hatch[1], as well as Cormac Hayes having worked there, although he may also be sub-specialized in pediatric cardiothoracic surgery and thus have worked for the cardio department rather than peds in general.
  • Creating a live, beating, functional heart using the 3-D printers isn't impossible at the hospital, according to Preston Burke.

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