Larry Maxwell is Chief of Surgery at Seattle Presbyterian Hospital.


When Bailey came into the ER at Seattle Pres claiming to be having a heart attack, Maxwell sent his intern, Stuart, to run tests on her. When the initial tests revealed nothing of concern, she insisted on being seen by someone higher-up, so Maxwell came to see her himself. He also didn't believed there was anything wrong with her, so he refused to run a cardiac stress test. Instead, he sent a psychiatrist to consult with her. Later, after helping save another patient in the ER, Morgan, Bailey collapsed. He placed a stent, but it failed, so Maggie stepped in to do a keyhole CABG to repair the damage.



He and Richard Webber have known each other for years and play golf together.


He is the Chief of Surgery and an attending cardiothoracic surgeon at Seattle Presbyterian Hospital.

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  • He went to Yale Medical School.


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