Larry Shane Dickerson is a man who came into the ER after running his car into a fish market.


Larry came into the ER with his wife after running his car into the fish market. He had a broken leg and a head injury. His CT revealed that he had a subdural hematoma and a tracheal injury and also showed spinal stenosis, meaning he shouldn't have been driving.

His wife denied that Larry had any symptoms prior to the accident and was convinced that something had gone wrong with the car. She was told Larry needed surgery. While he was in surgery, his wife admitted that their daughter had taken away his keys and she'd given them back, not wanting him to feel betrayed.

In his surgery, Erica found a tear in his aorta while repairing his trachea. She called in Burke to help her and they were able to repair the damage and finish his surgery.



He is married to Mrs. Dickerson.


He has one daughter, who took away his keys when spinal stenosis took away the feeling in his feet.

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • He was 86 at the time of his accident.
  • The accident killed two people and injured 14 more.
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