Laura Young came into the ER pregnant after her unborn baby had a stroke.


Laura was 30 weeks pregnant when she was in a car accident. She had a subdural hematoma and her baby was in distress. They took her in for surgery, during which her baby was delivered via c-section.

Her surgery went well, but her ICP was elevated the next day. She was also worried about her baby, saying she could die before she'd even been held. Laura then had a seizure.

Alex Karev held the baby and her condition improved. Laura's condition also improved and she was finally able to hold her own daughter.



Laura's daughter had a stroke before she was born when Laura was in a car accident. The baby was delivered via emergency c-section. Laura was concerned because she worried that the baby would die before she got a chance to be held. When Laura and the baby were stable enough that Laura could hold her, she commented that her baby was beautiful.

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