Lauren Hammer is a patient who came out with an infection after she killed off the good bacteria in her gut.


Lauren came into the ER complaining of stomach pain. She'd looked up her symptoms on the internet and was convinced that she had stomach cancer. Alex took a stool sample. She admitted that she'd ordered antibiotics to treat a staph infection she'd diagnosed in herself. The antibiotics killed off all the healthy bacteria, so they needed to introduced new healthy bacteria. This required a fecal transplant from someone she shared everyday germs with. Her husband refused to donate until she would admit that it was a pimple, not a staph infection. She was only able to say that she believed that he believed it was just a pimple. She said that she's still convinced it's stomach cancer. Every minor thing, she thinks is a big thing. He finally agreed to provide the sample and she received a transplant with him waiting in the lobby.



She is married to Seth Hammer.

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