In the beginning, God created the Heaven and the earth, at least that’s what they say. He created the birds of the air and the beasts of the field, and he looked at his creation and he saw that it was good. And then God created man, and it’s been downhill ever since. The story goes on to say that God created man in his own image, but there’s not much proof of that. After all God made the sun and the moon and the stars, and all man makes is trouble. And when man finds himself in trouble, which is most of the time, he turns to something bigger than himself. To love or faith or religion to make sense of it all. But for a surgeon, the only thing that makes any kind of sense is medicine. As doctors, we know more about the human body now than at any point in our history. But the miracle of life itself; why people live and die, why they hurt or get hurt is still a mystery. We want to know the reason, the secret, the answer at the back of the book…because the thought of our being all alone down here is just too much for us to bear. But at the end of the day, the fact that we show up for each other, in spite our differences, no matter what we believe, is reason enough to keep believing.

Lay Your Hands on Me is the eleventh episode and mid-season premiere of the fourth season and the 72nd overall episode of Grey's Anatomy.

Short Summary[edit | edit source]

Izzie stops pursuing cardio, George's mother visits causing awkwardness with Callie, Izzie and especially George! Bailey's world is turned upside down when her personal and professional lives collide. Meredith hears about Rose and Derek's kiss. Erica assigns Alex to a patient that claims to heal people.

Full Summary[edit | edit source]

While Bailey's voice over talks about God creating the Earth and men and how it's been downhill ever since, Mark and Derek are walking in the woods. Mark informs him he went out with Erica and Callie last night and he thinks there's something between him and Erica. Derek mocks him about that and Mark asks him where they're going. Derek wonders why it always has to be about the destination instead of the journey. Mark points out he's wearing expensive shoes and Derek tells him Meredith doesn't want him to see other people. They then arrive at the destination: the land Derek bought for his new house. He admires the view.

While Meredith is making breakfast, Derek talks to her about his plans for the house. She thinks it's great, but she doesn't seem to be interested in it. She's cooking for Lexie, who had a bad night, and she wanted to do something sisterly.

Alex asks Izzie if she's gonna get up. She doesn't know yet and wonders what the smell is. Alex says someone is cooking, but she says it's not cooking. She says she hates work. He wonders since when. She mentions hating Hahn and Cristina.

Lexie and George wake up in the living room from the awful smell. Meredith knocks and informs them about breakfast. Lexie wants go out. George stops her, but Lexie appreciates the gesture and gets out anyway.

On her way to the kitchen, she encounters Alex and asks him where his girlfriend is. He guesses she's back with her husband, but she's not his girlfriend. He reminds her she knew it was just gonna be sex.

They enter the kitchen and Derek informs them on Meredith's gesture. Meredith claims it was no big deal. Lexie takes a bite and pretends she likes it, but she turns towards Derek and shakes her head. Derek decides not to taste the egg.

Bailey has fed and changed Tuck and tells Tucker he has to call the buildings manager to fix the sink. Tucker ignores her. As she's on the way out, Tucker asks her if she's interested in being a part of the family or not. She says she doesn't have time for this and leaves.

Callie and Erica are on an elevator together. They agree last night was fun, even though they're usually not people persons. Mark gets on the elevator and greets them. Case in point, Erica says. They got off and Mark wonders what's so funny.

Derek encounters Rose in front of the OR board. She offers him candy. He wonders if she ever eats anything that resembles real food. She replies he's gonna have to take her to dinner to find out. He brings up the kiss. He liked it, but he's seeing somebody. She knows it's Meredith Grey. She says it's okay as it was just a kiss. She tells him she'll see him in surgery.

Izzie is getting charts from the nurses station. Cristina is holding Elizabeth Archer's chart, a cardio case. She wants Izzie to want it, but Izzie says she's over cardio. Hahn asks her for the chart, but Izzie points her to Cristina. Cristina gives Hahn the chart and says she's a rock star. Hahn spots Alex and asks if he's a rock star. He says yes and she puts him on her service.

Cristina follows them and says Alex doesn't even know the case. Erica says Alex can read. He gets up to speed reading from the chart, but Cristina takes over. Erica says she admires her preparation, but despite that, she failed to notice that the patient is gone.

George's mother sees Callie in the lobby. They hug and she says she's been worrying because neither she or George has returned any of her calls. Louise has been making outfits for their baby since George told her they were trying. Louise shows her a yellow knitted outfit. Callie acts enthusiastic.

Lexie tells Bailey she needs epinephrine. Bailey gets a call from home. A nurse gives Lexie the keys to the meds cart. Bailey reminds Tucker she put the buildings manager's number on her desk. An alarm blares and Bailey tells Tuck she's gonna have to call him back.

Bailey enters the patient's room and finds Elizabeth Archer standing by his side with her hands on his chest. Cristina appears in the doorway and comes inside to take Elizabeth back to her own room. Elizabeth continues what she's doing and the monitor starts beeping calmly again. Bailey wonders what she did as the patient was in V-tach and now he's fine. Elizabeth says she's a healer. She's a healer. She then collapses, but Cristina catches her.

Bailey asks Elizabeth if she's a faith healer. Elizabeth has faith and she's a healer, but she's unsure if these things are related. Erica reminds her she collapsed, which tells her Elizabeth can go into cardiac arrest at any time. Erica is only interested in getting her to an OR, but Bailey wants to know what she did to her patient. He's been in and out of V-tach all day and now he's stable. Erica guesses the meds he received two hours ago just kicked in. Erica tells her she has a coronary artery dissection, so she and Karev need to get her into surgery ASAP. Elizabeth refuses to go into surgery until they have exhausted all the other options. Elizabeth wants Erica to give her time and talk her through the surgery so that she can visualize it while she does what she does. If that doesn't work, Erica can slice her open. Erica says Alex can work with her and before leaving, she tells Alex to call her when Elizabeth codes.

George finds Lexie looking for epinephrine. She's got a bad rash all over her body. Lexie says she's got boundary issues, so she couldn't refuse Meredith's eggs, even though she's allergic to eggs. George administers the epinephrine. Lexie thanks him for letting her crash on the couch last night. Callie comes over and tells George that his mother is making them baby clothes because she thinks they're still trying to get pregnant because he never told her they split up and she thinks he's still the kind of person who would never cheat on his wife. Callie gives him all the baby clothes she's carrying. His mother is waiting for him in the lobby.

Derek tells Meredith she never actually said what she thought about the house. Meredith says she has a house. Derek says that's her hosue, he's talking about their house. He's had the plans for months. She wonders what made him decide to share them now. He concludes nothing has changed. She says it's just a lot and it's fast. Derek says he's trying to take steps forward. She says there are still many steps between where they're now and building a dream house, and they can take these steps together. He kisses her and says okay.

Bailey receives another call, but she declines when Richard approaches her. He comes to talk to her about the healing patient. The rumor's been spreading and he can't have that, because it creates panic and hysteria. She gets another call, but she doesn't answer it. She promises Richard she's gonna make sure that this woman is gonna keep her hands to herself. Richard walks off and she's just too late to answer the call.

Erica sees Mark wheeling around her patient. Mark informs her Elizabeth was on the plastics ward. Elizabeth was trying to heal a woman's staph infection. Erica tells him not to worry his pretty little head about it. He points out that she compliments his look even when she's insulting him. Erica says it wasn't meant as a compliment. He thinks she likes to reverse gender roles, but she says she just doesn't like him because he's a crass, predatory ape of a man who just happens to be a decent surgeon. Mark tells Elizabeth to heal Hahn. Elizabeth asks to be taken back to her room because her healing team is gonna arrive soon. Alex takes her away.

Izzie sees mama O'Malley. She informs Izzie that she talked to Callie, who left to get George. Louise thinks it's hard for them because they're still trying and trying, but in the end, it's nobody's fault. Izzie thinks she's talking about their divorce and says she felt so bad about it, but they didn't mean for it to happen. They were drunk and it only happened once. That doesn't make it right, but she really didn't mean to destroy George's marriage and he was so distraught about it. She thinks that's why he failed his intern test. Louise is hearing all of that for the first time. Izzie thought she talked to Callie. About baby clothes, Louise says. She thought they were having trouble getting pregnant. George comes over and Izzie apologizes before running off. Louise looks at George, shocked.

Bailey's on her way to the ER as she's talking to Tucker on her phone. He tells her he's the one paging her. She enters the ER and sees Tucker next to Tuck on a gurney. Tucker and Bailey look at each other from across the room and he says there was an accident.

Derek finishes up his exam and says Tuck doesn't have neurological damage. Callie and Richard order X-rays. Tucker tells the doctor a bookshelf fell over him. He guesses Tuck tried to climb up and pulled it over. Bailey tries to listen to Tuck's heartbeat, but Richard takes over. Bailey says this is why they have a baby gate in the living room. He says it was open. She thinks he's accusing her. Richard says accidents happen. Not if you bolt the shelf to the wall, Bailey says. Tucker says he can't baby-proof every inch of the apartment if he has to watch Tuck all the time. Richard says Tuck probably has internal injuries and Bailey asks for a full trauma work-up.

Louise tells George this is not okay. She asks about his future plans and says she raised him better than this. George says he shouldn't have gotten married in the first place. Louise says he did and he didn't invite her. She accepted it because it only mattered that he was happy, but she won't accept this. Louise says they're Catholic, they don't believe in divorce or adultery. She tells him to call Father Mike, who'll get them into counseling. George it's too late for that. Louise reminds him of his vows and says they're talking about his soul here, but he gets paged away by Bailey.

Bailey's former interns have gathered outside the trauma room. Richard comes out and gives them tasks to do. He asks Meredith to stay with Bailey, who's worked up. He wants her to make sure that Bailey's emotions to not obstruct the baby's care. Tuck is being wheeled to CT and Bailey tells them she does not need a babysitter. Richard tells Meredith to go with her anyway.

Alex enters Elizabeth's room. Elizabeth introduces him to his healing group. He tells Elizabeth that Hahn got pulled into an emergency situation so he's gonna talk her through the procedure. Elizabeth says she wants someone who knows what they're doing to talk her through the surgery. Alex says all this is just crap to stall because she's scared. Elizabeth says she's scared because surgery is barbaric. She works with light and energy. She thinks that is preferable, even though it's a small chance that it will actually work. Alex says he doesn't believe in what she does, but Elizabeth says that all he needs to do is help her.

Meredith, Izzie, and Cristina are in the CT booth, waiting for the scans. Bailey and Tuck are with their son. Cristina thinks this is why people shouldn't have kids. If they're gonna be at all effective in saving that kid's life, it can't be Bailey's baby to them. He's a blunt trauma case. Izzie says she and Hahn are so alike that they deserve each other. Cristina tells Meredith that Izzie has given up on cardio because she can't take the pressure. Izzie says that Cristina is indeed the best robot.

Bailey wants to hear from Tucker how it happened again. Tucker says someone left the baby gate open, and he suspects it was her because she was in such a hurry to leave their home. Bailey says it had nothing to do with him. He tells her Tuck went into her office because he went looking for his mother, which made him end up in the hospital. Bailey says he made some bad choices. He picked a bad wife, she made a bad mother and she made him stay at home to raise his son, and she almost killed him. Poor Tucker.

Rose finds Derek and asks about Bailey's son. Derek doesn't look at her as he says they're still waiting on his studies. As George approaches, Rose says that she was unbelievably cool when she let him off the hook for making out with her. Now, she's angry because he's not making eye contact with her. He apologizes for that. She says it was one great kiss, but she's not willing to let that get in the way of their great professional relationship. They shake hands on being friends. 

Alex, Izzie, Cristina, and Meredith are studying Tuck's scans. His stomach is in his chest and he has a diaphragmatic hernia. Bailey comes in and says the ruptured diaphragm is the least of Tuck's problems because the force of the trauma injured his thoracic aorta. His colon is in his chest cavity and there's fluid around it, which could mean it's ruptured. There's fecal matter floating around that could infect the aortic repair, which can be fatal. She tells the residents to book an OR and page Hahn and the Chief.

Meredith is talking to Bailey outside the OR. They repaired the hole in the diaphragm and Hahn is getting to the mediastinum. Meredith can't answer her question so Bailey enters the OR herself and says she needs to be with her son. She has no intention of getting in the way. Erica says they don't need the patient's mother watching them perform surgery and asks Meredith to escort Bailey outside. Bailey refuses to, but Erica refuses to proceed with the operation until Bailey leaves. Bailey stammers she just wants to hold his hand. Cristina says she'll hold Tuck's hand, allowing Lexie to hold the retractor. Cristina takes off her glove and Bailey leaves. They resume the operation.

Callie finds Louise in the waiting room. She heard about Tuck's injuries and she didn't want to leave yet, remembering that Bailey took good care of them when her husband was in the hospital. Now both their sons are in trouble. Callie sits down. Louise knows she may be old-fashioned, but in God's eyes marriage is forever. Callie says they got married in Vegas and she's unsure God was even there. Louise says he's everywhere. Callie says she used to believe in God, heaven and hell, and marriage, but she doesn't anymore. She believes in love and second chances. Even though George wasn't the one for her, she got to be an O'Malley for a little and she loved that.

Mai says Alex is back. He enters the room and tells Elizabeth the recent echo showed the dissection is extending, so he needs to prep her for surgery. Elizabeth says she's not ready yet and tells him Mai felt him coming. It's like a darkness. Alex understands he's the Angel of Death to her, but Elizabeth says no. He's actually a very sweet guy. He's got a very beautiful heart, but his gut and throat are blocked. Elizabeth tells him he's got a darkness at his throat chakra, where his voice should be, because whatever happened to him was so ugly and went on for so long that he doesn't want to talk about it. He was hurt so badly that he sometimes wants to hurt other people just to spread it around. He was a very sweet boy, but he's not a good man. She asks what happened to him. Alex says he may not be a good man, but he tells the truth, and that is that she's gonna die soon if she doesn't have the surgery.

Derek finds Bailey trying to remember what she did this morning. She can't remember if she closed the gate. Derek says this isn't helping and tells her to stop. Bailey is crying and Derek says it doesn't matter and that things just happen. Bailey thinks it does matter. The world doesn't just happen, people make decisions and prioritize. It's on her or on Tucker. She breaks down and Derek holds her to comfort her. He tells her she's a good mother and Tucker's a good father. She loves her baby. Accidents happen.

Meredith and George are watching them and Meredith says Derek wants to build them a house with rooms for kids. That scares her to death. He asks if that is because of his kiss with Rose. He just overheard it and says it was just one kiss, so she shouldn't worry about it because they're back together now. Meredith didn't know he kissed Rose. Meredith walks off and George tells himself he's an idiot.

Richard has repaired Tuck's stomach and Erica only needs to put in a chest tube before she's done as well. Cristina tells Tuck that that's great news, because it means he's in better shape than they thought and that he's getting out of here soon. Erica offers Cristina to put in the chest tube, but Cristina says she's okay where she is.

Erica and Richard tell Bailey and Tucker that the surgery was a success, but there's a lot of free fluid in the chest cavity so they don't know if Tuck will be able to breathe on his own. Bailey says she knows that. Richard says they'll move Tuck to the PICU. Tucker asks to go see his son. Bailey stays behind to tell Hahn that she'll thank her if her son gets through alive, but it will be all right with her if she never has to look at Hahn after that again.

Bailey and Tucker are with Tuck. Tucker recalls that they still have to baptize Tuck as they kept postponing it before. Bailey says they'll find the time when Tucker's well. They'll find time for themselves as well. Bailey wants to take Tucker's hand, but he pulls back and goes to caress his son's head.

Outside Tuck's room, Alex asks Izzie about Tuck. She says he's still not breathing on his own. She wishes she could do something, but she doesn't know what. She sighs and says Cristina always knows what to do. Alex asks what Izzie's deal with Cristina is. Izzie admits she's crippled with envy, because Cristina knows what she wants. She has this faith in herself and her future. Izzie wants to know who she is, like Cristina does. Izzie was chasing cardio because she wanted what Cristina has. Not the robot part, but the faith part. Alex walks off.

Richard encounters Bailey outside Elizabeth's room. All the patients Elizabeth healed are fine. Bailey says there are probably a lot of scientific explanations of why these patients become better. Bailey has faith, but she doesn't believe it can heal you. Richard says it can't hurt either.

Derek asks Meredith about Tuck. Meredith says he's intubated, but they won't know for a few hours. She asks him about Rose. Derek tells her she's a circulating nurse whom he kissed. He's sure she knows, because that's why she's asking. She asked when they kissed. He admits it was yesterday, when they were still free to date other people. He already told her he wanted to marry her and build them a dream house, but she wasn't ready. Meredith thinks he doesn't want to build a life with her, he just wants someone who wants what he wants. Derek sighs and says he knew she'd find a reason to walk away when he showed her the plans. He can't do this anymore, the back and forth and the fighting. He asks if they're together or not. She says he didn't tell her about her marriage and his scrub nurse. That's why she can't build a life with him, she can't trust him. He says she can't trust anybody. No matter what he does, she's always gonna look for reasons not to trust him. He can't do this anymore. She says she can't either and she walks off.

Richard and Bailey bring Elizabeth into Tuck's room. She tells Bailey and Tucker to hold hands because the energy in here is not healing at all. For a few minutes, she wants them to try to forgive each other and focus all of their love on their child. Tucker takes Bailey's hand. Elizabeth then does her healing thing with all of Bailey's close colleagues watching from outside the room.

George sits down with his mother, who's knitting in the waiting room. She's knitting for Tuck. George knows there's a lot he hasn't told her and that he's messed up, but he didn't want to cause her more pain or to disappoint her. She says he should be disappointed in himself. He says he is, because he doesn't recognize himself anymore. He wants to be the guy that Bailey named her baby after again. Louise asks about counseling, but George says that's only going to hurt everyone more. Louise starts crying and says she misses his father. He says he missed him too. She asks him to move back in, but he thinks it's time he starts to take care of himself.

Bailey notices the residents gathered outside Tuck's room. She appreciates they want to be there for her, but being watched isn't helping her. Tucker comes outside and panickingly tells them that Tuck is choking. She's happy and rushes to Tuck's bed. Meredith and Cristina help her to extubate Tuck and Meredith informs Tucker that's good, because it means that Tuck can breathe on his own. Tuck starts crying.

Outside the room, Alex tells Izzie he needs her help. They walk off, leaving only Lexie to watch Bailey cherish her son.

Alex enters Elizabeth's room with Izzie. She didn't have a heart attack despite him thinking she would, so he's decided to help her. Actually, Dr. Stevens is going to help. He introduces her, but she has no clue what she's doing here. Alex tells her to talk Elizabeth through a coronary artery dissection repair. Alex explains to Elizabeth and her healing team that Izzie's focused on cardio for a while and she's seen the procedure done. Izzie is an optimist, the opposite of him. Mai says she sure brightens him. Alex tells her to shut up. He gives Izzie the chart and asks her to talk Elizabeth through the surgery. Alex tells Izzie that Yang's got nothing on her and steps aside. Izzie starts talking.

Lexie tells George they extubated him. George tells her that Tuck's middle name is George, after him. Lexie is surprised, as she thought Bailey doesn't like interns. George asks her if she's found an apartment yet, because he was thinking of maybe getting one.

Erica is about to leave the hospital and sees Mark staring at her as he waits for an elevator. She tells him he's too pretty. He's so pretty that if they didn't work together, they would probably be together. But they do work together, and in order for her to do her job, she needs to leave who she is outside the doors of the hospital. Callie arrives and asks Erica if she's ready. Mark asks if they're going to Joe's, because he can come meet them. Erica simply tells him good night and she and Callie leave together.

Derek finds Rose and asks her to have dinner with him tonight. Turns out he's free, and he'd like to go out with her. She says that would be nice.

Bailey is caressing her son as Meredith enters the room. Bailey tells her Tuck is just fine. Tucker went home to get some sleep and to pack his things, because he's getting himself a hotel room tonight. Meredith says she's sorry. Bailey says that for some reason, life seems to make a lot more sense when you're looking at a baby. She and Meredith continue to watch Tuck while her voice over says that people showing up for each other despite their differences is reason enough to keep believing.

Cast[edit | edit source]

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Medical Notes[edit | edit source]

Elizabeth Archer[edit | edit source]

  • Diagnosis:
    • Coronary artery dissection
  • Treatment:

Elizabeth, 49, was in the hospital with a coronary artery dissection. She'd been admitted overnight for observation and later was scheduled to have surgery. However, she refused to have the surgery until she felt she'd exhausted all other options. She later had Izzie describe each step of the surgery to her so she could visualize the healing.

Lexie Grey[edit | edit source]

  • Diagnosis:
    • Allergic reaction
  • Treatment:
    • Epinephrine

Lexie had an allergic reaction when she ate eggs, which she treated with epinephrine.

Mr. Greenwald[edit | edit source]

  • Diagnosis:
    • Ventricular tachycardia
  • Treatment:
    • Amiodarone

Mr. Greenwald coded and Elizabeth Archer used faith healing to bring him out of v-tach. He'd been in and out of v-tach all day and then was stable, which Erica believed was due to the amiodarone he'd gotten two hours prior.

Mrs. McCaffrey[edit | edit source]

  • Diagnosis:
    • Staph infection
  • Treatment:

Mrs. McCaffrey was one of Mark's with a staph infection whom Elizabeth Archer attempted to heal. After Elizabeth worked on her, her staph infection disappeared.

William George Bailey Jones[edit | edit source]

  • Diagnosis:
    • Internal injuries
    • Blunt trauma
    • Arm fracture
    • Rib fractures
    • Visceral herniation
    • Diaphragmatic hernia
    • Ruptured diaphragm
    • Aortic injury
    • Ruptured colon
    • Ruptured stomach
  • Treatment:
    • Surgery
    • Chest tube

Tuck was injured when a bookshelf fell on him. He was brought into the ER and Derek said that he had no neurological damage. They got a trauma series and x-rays. The CT revealed that his stomach was in his chest and there were signs that his colon was ruptured. He was taken into surgery to repair his injuries. His surgery was successful, but there was still fluid in his chest cavity, so they didn't know how quickly he'd be able to breathe on his own. Bailey had Elizabeth Archer come in and attempt healing without medicine. Later, he started breathing on his own and was able to be extubated.

Music[edit | edit source]

Song Performer Scene
"Sweeter Than This" Katie Herzig
  • Derek and Mark walk out in the woods and talk about Erica.
  • Derek shows Mark the view from the house he's going to build.
"Up to the Mountain" Patty Griffin
  • Bailey and Tucker watch Tuck sleep in the PICU. They talk about baptizing him finally.
  • Izzie and Alex take about Izzie not knowing what to do for Bailey.
  • Izzie's jealous of Cristina knowing what she wants.
  • Bailey and Richard talk about Elizabeth's faith healing. She's not sure about it, but Richard says it can't hurt.
"Broken" Lifehouse
  • Meredith walks away from Derek.
  • Elizabeth Archer is brought in to use her faith healing on Tuck. She asks his parents to hold hands to change the room's energy.
  • The other doctors watch the process through the window.
"God Only Knows" Joe Henry
  • George explains what happened to his mother as she knits a hat for Tuck.
  • George says he's not the guy he wants to be anymore. He wants to be the guy Bailey named her baby after again.
  • Bailey and Tucker continue to watch Tuck. Bailey leaves the room to send the inters away to do their jobs.
"10,000 Angels" Caedmon's Call
  • Bailey is able to extubate Tuck because he's breathing on his own.
  • Alex asks Izzie for her help. He takes Izzie to Elizabeth to explain her surgery to her so she can visualize surgery. Izzie's better because she's an optimist.
  • Izzie starts the explanation.
  • Tuck is continuing to improve. Lexie and George talk about Tuck being named after him.
  • George suggests the two of them could live together.
  • Erica confronts Mark and says they can't be together because they work together.
  • Callie and Erica leave the hospital to go out together.
  • Derek asks Rose out on a date.
  • Bailey tells Meredith Tuck will be fine and Tucker went to get his things to get a hotel room.

Notes and Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • This episode's title originated from the song Lay Your Hands On Me, originally sung by Bon Jovi.
  • This episode scored 17.68 million viewers.
  • There are no promotional stills for this episode.
  • This episode was most likely the last episode to be written before the 2007-08 Writers Guild of America strike, which was the reason for the shortening of the season.
  • There is also no Grey Matter blog post for this episode for that reason.

Quotes[edit | edit source]

Lexie: Where's your girlfriend?
Alex: Back with her husband, I'm guessing. … And I don't have a girlfriend.
Lexie: Or a conscience, apparently.

Callie: (to George) You didn't tell your mom that we broke up?
George: What?
Callie: Your mom is making us baby clothes because she thinks that we're still trying to get pregnant, because she thinks that we're still married, because she thinks you're still the kind of person who would never cheat on his wife. Hand-stitched, unisex baby clothes! They're yellow and green and go up to toddler sizes. (throws the clothes at him) And she's waiting for you in the lobby.

Erica: (to Mark) Okay, here's the thing. You're too pretty.
Mark: Oh, come on.
Erica: No. So pretty, in fact, that if we didn't work together, we would probably be … But the point is that we do work together and in order for me to do my job, I need to leave who I am outside the doors of this hospital.

George: (seeing Lexie's rash) What happened to you?
Lexie: I'm an adult child of an alcoholic. That is what happened to me. I have boundary issues. When Meredith made me eggs this morning, I couldn't not eat them. I had to pretend I wasn't allergic to eggs and now I have a rash covering my entire body.
George: Give me your arm.
Lexie: I'm co-dependent. My throat is closing up. (George injects her with epinephrine to fight the anaphylaxis) Ow … and now my arm hurts. Thanks.

Tucker: (to Bailey) Why do you even think he went into that room? You're the only one that ever goes in there. He went looking for his mama. He went lookin' for his mama and wound up in the hospital!
Bailey: You made a bad choice, huh, Tucker? You picked a bad wife, she made a bad mother, she made you stay home, raise your son, and she almost killed him. Poor you, huh?

Richard: (to Meredith) I want you to stay with Dr. Bailey. She's pretty worked up and I wanna make sure that doesn't get in the way of the baby's care.
Bailey: (overhearing) I don't need a baby sitter.
Richard: I know you don't. (nods to Meredith, she gets it and follows Bailey)

Meredith: (to Cristina about Bailey's son): Can you imagine how horrible this must be for her?
Cristina: This is why people shouldn't have kids.
Izzie: What's the matter with you? It's Bailey's baby.
Cristina: See, no, it's a trauma case. If we are gong to be at all effective in saving that kid's life, it can't be Bailey's baby. He's a blunt trauma case.
Izzie: You and Hahn are exactly alike. The two of you deserve each other.
Cristina: Thank you.
Meredith: I thought that you loved cardio.
Cristina: No, no, no. She's pretending not to. Can't take the pressure, Iz?
Izzie: You're right, Cristina. In the contest to see who can be the best robot, you win.

Alex: How's Tuck?
Izzie: He's still not breathing on his own. You know, I wish I could help, but I can't think of anything I can do. Cristina always knows what to do.
Alex: What's your deal with her? With Yang?
Izzie: Nothing. There's no deal. I'm crippled with envy.
Alex: Of Yang? 'Cause she's better at cardio than you?
Izzie: She's not better than me. She's just... she knows what she wants. She has this faith in her skill and herself and her future in cardio. It's an unwavering faith. She knows who she is and I want that. I was chasing cardio because I want what she has.
Alex: She's a robot.
Izzie: Not the robot part. The faith part. I want that.

Tucker: Miranda.
Bailey: Oh, you're talkin' to me now, as I'm on my way out the door.
Tucker: You're always on your way out the door. Are you interested in being a part of this family, or not?
Bailey: I can't... I can't do this now.

Bailey: (to Erica) You're new here. You don't know me. And if what you did today ends up saving my son's life, I'll thank you for it. But if I never have to look at you again after that, that'll be all right with me.

Bailey: (to Erica) I need to be with my son.
Erica: And what we need, Dr. Bailey, is to not have our patient's mother watching us perform his surgery. Dr. Grey, please escort Dr. Bailey back outside.
Bailey: No, there will be no escorting of Dr. Bailey anywhere, Dr. Grey. Now you can proceed.
Erica: I will not proceed until you leave this OR. Now, do you want me to stand here talking to you, or do you want me to try and save your baby's life?
Richard: Miranda?
Bailey: I just wanna hold my son's hand. I just wanna hold his hand, please.
Cristina: I'll hold his hand. Dr. Grey can hold the retractor, right?
Lexie: Yeah.
Cristina: I'll hold his hand. Dr. Bailey, if it's all right with you, I'll hold Tuck's hand.
Bailey: Okay.

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