Amelia presenting her lecture-series on Nicole Herman's brain tumor.

The lecture room is a large auditorium located typically in a teaching hospital. It is primarily used to host monthly M&M's as attendings and residents gather to discuss their cases. The lecture room is also used for grand rounds and master classes. Visiting surgeons have also used the lecture room to present their cases.

Seattle Grace Hospital, Seattle Grace Mercy West Hospital, and Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital have housed a lecture room.

Lecture TypesEdit

Grand RoundsEdit

Grand rounds are an important teaching tool and ritual of medical education and inpatient care, consisting of presenting the medical problems and treatment of a particular patient to an audience consisting of attendings, residents and interns. Grand rounds are typically to present current patients.

Notable Grand RoundsEdit


Catherine Avery presenting at grand rounds.

Morbidity and MortalityEdit

Morbidity and mortality, otherwise known as M&M, is a monthly exercise held to review cases with poor or avoidable patient-outcomes. The review includes a discussion how the actions of physicians and surgeons contributed to the deaths.

Notable M&M'sEdit


Burke presenting a case at an M&M

  • Patient #34986 (Oh, the Guilt): Cardio head Preston Burke initially presented a case involving a 36-year-old male with end-stage CHF secondary to viral cardiomyopathy. Due to a malfunction with the patient's LVAD device resulting in pulmonary edema, the patient's status was raised to 1A with U.N.O.S. and subsequently received a heart transplant. However, due to complications from the transplant (i.e. embolus that dislodged from the suture lien of the transplant), the patient died from a C.V.A. When presented with questions from the floor, subsequent events could not be answered by Burke, and Bailey took over to field the rest of the questions.

Master ClassEdit

A master class is a lecture or lecture-series given to residents, attendings, and other medical professionals for a particular specialty by a specialist where skills are being developed.

Notable Master ClassesEdit


Attendings and residents, including Jo and Stephanie, attending Amelia's Master Class in Neurosurgery.

  • Dr. Amelia Shepherd (Staring at the End): Amelia presented a 2014 neurosurgical lecture-series that was dubbed a "master class in neurosurgery" to treat Nicole Herman's advanced tumor. It was a multi-part lecture series on her surgical approach to shrink and eventually excise the tumor. It involved the simultaneous use of six of the hardest techniques in treating brain tumors. The approach was said to be ground-breaking and revolutionary. When Amelia concluded her lecture-series, she received a standing ovation.

Lecture DayEdit

Lecture Day was a former regularly occurring day-filled event at Seattle Grace Hospital of lectures when attendings are chosen to present their previous cases. The goal was to learn from their losses, mistakes, and hopefully, inspire victories to the attendants. This was discontinued prior to the 2007-2008 residency year, however when Derek Shepherd was appointed chief of surgery, he brought it back.

Notable LecturesEdit


Webber concluding his lecture with the Physician's Oath

  • Dr. Richard Webber (The Time Warp): Richard presented a 1982-1983 case when he and Ellis Grey were residents treating Phillip Nichols. Initially, it was a general surgery case as the patient had a hernia, but further testing and hypothesizing led Richard and Ellis to conclude this was an infectious disease case as the patient had G.R.I.D./A.I.D.S. It was Seattle Grace's first known case. Despite their superiors at the time initially not believing them and then refusing to endanger themselves to treat the patient, Richard and Ellis performed surgery to treat intussusception secondary to A.I.D.S., but the patient eventually died due to the contraction of PCP pneumonia eight months later. Richard then concluded the lecture with the physician's oath.

Notes and TriviaEdit

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