Leo Nelson is Owen's son.


When Leo was a few months old, he was placed in foster care. ("Judgment Day")

Owen took him in for his six month checkup. His birth mother, Betty, came to the exam. After Amelia offered to take her in, Betty ended up coming home with her, Owen, and Leo. ("Bad Reputation")

When Betty's parents came to the hospital looking for her, they found out about Leo. They decided they'd take him, but Owen said as he was Leo's legal guardian, he'd be fighting them. ("I Walk the Line")



His birth father is a drug dealer. His birth mother became addicted to drugs after receiving opioids for an ACL repair. She ran away from her parents, who did not know about her pregnancy. Leo was fostered by Owen Hunt until the birth mother's parents found out about his existence. They wanted to raise Leo, but soon came to realize they had to focus on their daughter and let her be a child. The family then agreed to let Owen and Amelia adopt Leo. Owen and Amelia split up shortly before the adoption, so Owen adopted Leo on his own with Amelia choosing to stay a big part of Leo's life as Aunty Amelia.

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