Lewis Clatch is the husband of Elsie Clatch.


Lewis and his wife, Elsie, were on a hike, as they did every other day, when Elsie had a syncopal episode and fell, pulling Lewis down with her when he refused to let go of her hand. They were both taken to the ER, where Lewis was given a brace for his injured wrist while Elsie got a workup.

A CT showed a brain bleed that would only get worse. Amelia wasn't sure Elsie would survive the surgery, but Elsie insisted she needed more time to teach Lewis how to be alone. She also wanted more time to be with him.

Elsie woke up the morning after her surgery. She appeared to be doing well, but that afternoon, she died suddenly.

After Elsie died, Lewis started filling out the paperwork. He didn't know what funeral home to send her body to, but said their church might know. He asked if he had to fill all the paperwork out right away and was told that he didn't, that he had time. Owen offered to call him a cab because he didn't have a car, but he said he needed to learn to do things by himself, starting with getting a cab.



He was married to Elsie Clatch for sixty years before she died.


He worked with Dr. Raven on the development of the cardiopulmonary bypass machine. He said Dr. Raven was a blowhard and a grabass.


He was a cardiothoracic surgeon. During his career, he worked with Dr. Raven to develop the cardiopulmonary bypass machine.


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