Liam Fisher is a child who came into the hospital to seek medical care against his parents' wishes.


Liam came into the ER alone. He told Arizona and Eliza that he had no parents and he felt bad. He was taken to Alex. He told Alex his head hurt and he sometimes got dizzy. They ran a CT, which showed a pituitary adenoma. His parents arrived shortly thereafter and objected to him receiving any more medical care, as their religion prohibits medical intervention. They signed him out against medical advice and took him home.

Later, he returned to the hospital, unable to see well. His tumor was bleeding and putting pressure on his optic nerve. He said he'd tried doing what his parents said, but he prayed and prayed and God didn't help him, so he asked Alex to help him. Alex had Stephanie pretend Liam was seizing in order to get around the need for parental consent. They took him to surgery, where Amelia removed his tumor. After his surgery, his blindness subsided and he was expected to make a full recovery.



His parents are very religious and opposed medical care on religious grounds. His father was firm in this belief, but his mother told Alex that God helps those who help themselves and had driven Liam to the hospital both times.


He had a friend named Sabrina.

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • When he was pretending to have no parents, he used characters from the book Charlotte's Web (Charlotte, a rat, a goose, a sheep, and a pig) to weave his story of living on a farm.
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